Attorney at Law Now Offering 24-Hour Service Free Initial Consultations

Orange County, CA – In a move that is aimed at accommodating the increased number of clients that the firm has been receiving, Allan Castillo of Alan Castillo – Attorney at Law will be offering 24-hour free and confidential initial consultations. These will enable clients, who are accused of criminal offenses, understand what is at stake for them and decide whether they need a lawyer and when. To make these services easily accessible, the firm has provided mobile phone contact details and an email address from which Alan can be reached.

“There is a significant number of people who are in jails or who have had to pay heavy fines since they did not know the charges they were facing could have been dropped had they enlisted the services of a good criminal lawyer early enough,” said Allan. “With a good representation, it is easy to have charges dropped or have sentences, and fines reduced significantly. Alan Castillo – Attorney at Law is dedicated to providing the necessary information to let those accused of criminal offenses understand the basics of how court systems work and why they need a lawyer even when faced with the least of all offenses, DUI.”

Alan Castillo – Attorney at Law has been offering free consultations since its inception. However, in the recent past, the firm has reported an increase in the number of clients requesting for these services, a factor that has prompted the firm to offer 24-hour services. This will up the number of clients served and in the process create awareness among the masses. To make these services sustainable, the firm has tweaked its website design to accommodate better interaction tools including contact forms, live chat, and better search tools.

Having been founded by one of the top 100 trial lawyers, as reported by National Trial Lawyers, Alan Castillo – Attorney at Law has gone from being a firm that serves less than five clients a month to a firm that serves hundreds and counting. Allan has over 25 years industry experience; a factor that enables him to offer representation in all forms of criminal cases, including DUI, vandalism, drugs, violence and professional license defense among others.

Following the introduction of 24-hour free and confidential consultation services, the firm has reported an increase in the number of clients served. In future, the firm plans on expanding to cover more areas besides Orange County.

Alan Castillo is located at 22982 La Cadena Dr #201 in Laguna Beach, CA (92653).

The company can be contacted via phone at (949) 813-1729 or at their website

Media Contact
Contact Person: Alan Castillo
Phone: (949) 813-1729
Address:22982 La Cadena Dr #201
City: Laguna Beach
State: California
Country: United States