Local Board Game Company Set to Soar at Toy Fair

LYNNWOOD, WA – 14 Feb, 2017 – Board game manufacturer Soaring Hyena announces their 2017 product lineup just in time for American International Toy Fair, held at the Javits Convention Center in New York City.  The founder of Soaring Hyena, Craig Parsons, hopes the convention will ignite interest in the fledgling startup and position them to succeed in the toy and board game industry.

“We’re very excited to be joining our industry brothers and sisters for the nation’s largest toy convention,” said Parsons.  “Our games encourage social interaction, and our strong portfolio of products will delight and entertain consumers of all ages.”

Parsons believes that Soaring Hyena has captured lightning in a bottle with Speakulation, built upon his own childhood experience.  “On family vacations, when we would drive past a herd of cows, our entire family felt compelled to moo,” chuckled Parsons, adding “I’ll bet there are thousands of families comically mooing at this very minute!”

Speakulation leverages this entertaining concept, challenging players to be the first to make the sounds of pictures that they see.  Impersonating the sounds of roosters, bowling pins, and mustard bottles quicker than your opponents guarantees plenty of laughter and hysterics in this unique and whimsical concept.

Soaring Hyena will also be introducing three other titles in their freshman journey to Toy Fair – Beaver Thievery, Tongue O’ War, and Drum The Duds

Joining Parsons at Toy Fair will be Soaring Hyena’s Professor of Play, Kelley Parsons.  Kelley’s background in business management, customer relations, and supply chain management complement her husband’s creative aptitude- an absolute must for success in this business.

“We’re hoping to follow in the footsteps of Everett superstar Funko and others in putting Puget Sound on the map as a hotbed of creativity when it comes to play,” mentioned Kelley.

After Toy Fair, the company will focus on partnering with retailers to make all of their games available to consumers by late summer of 2017.

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