Fortune500 Companies leverage Genius Publicity Explainer Videos to Skyrocket Sales Conversions

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Genius Publicity Experts in Creating Convertible, Sales-Centric Videos

Genius Publicity is a leading, international digital agency of marketers and animators. Their innovative and creative approach, has earned them the distinction as being one of the fastest growing marketing companies in the Digital Space. With a customer-focused methodology, designed to help clients, of all sizes, produce quality and engaging marketing videos, Genius Publicity is able to help skyrocket customer awareness and sales for any company.

In today’s digital business landscape, companies have to find creative and technology-based marketing strategies to stay in front of their customers. With the increasing need to quickly convey benefits and value to consumers, more and more businesses are leveraging video to get the job done. Research is proving that videos can be an effective way to persuade and engage potential customers to purchase. Forrester researchers estimates that one minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words. In this sense, companies can convey more about their products and services in a professional explainer video than in a collection of webpages or blog articles.

Additionally, ComScore surveys find that over 60% of online shoppers are more willing to purchase a new item after watching an explainer video. Marketing specialists recommend finding as many ways as possible to position explainer videos to increase marketing touch points for audiences. Posting short videos on social media platforms and creating a corporate YouTube channel can increase a company’s online visibility and can be an effective way to keep customers informed of new offerings.

Explainer videos are quickly becoming a requisite marketing tool that all companies must leverage to drive more web traffic. Because explainer videos have to represent a company brand and be engaging enough to capture a viewer’s attention, companies are turning to the international marketing video experts at Genius Publicity. With an award-winning animation studio, Genius Publicity specializes in creating high-quality, innovative and visually appealing explainer videos of all types.

“We’re excited to work with clients, in all industries, and help them to realize the tremendous marketing power that explainer videos can have. Every explainer video has a custom message that should uniquely fit the business and clearly convey their value proposition. That’s why our world-class design and animation team takes the time to craft a winning storyboard, incorporating the best marketing and video techniques,” explains Sarah Smith, VP of Sales of Genius Publicity.

Historically, companies, especially start-ups, would steer away from video marketing because of its high costs and lengthy production times. However, as technology has evolved, lowering the cost barrier, a marketing-related video can be created within days and without exceeding even a small marketing budget. Genius Publicity offers a wide range of explainer video and animation services, designed to give all companies cost-effective options for all of their marketing needs. With marketing researchers such as Unbounce finding that explainer videos on landing pages can increase sales conversions by 80%, companies can strategically leverage explainer videos to increase their bottom line. As consumers continue to prefer short and easily digestible content, when making purchasing decisions, using professionally-produced explainer videos will be a differentiating factor to drive higher sales.

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