Chris Knierim Mixes Humor With Astute Business Advice To Prove To Numerous Medical Device And Medical Products Companies That Laughter Can Really Be The Best Medicine Of All

Santa Margarita, CA – As a dedicated, talented teacher for over thirteen years, Chris Knierim loved what he did because he did it so well.  But when a devastating car accident suddenly sidelined all that and ended his career, rather than feel sorry for himself, Chris turned philosophical and looked ahead with the same sense of good cheer for which he had long been applauded.

After spending two years in rehab and then thirteen months out of work, Chris stumbled across a book that contained the teachings of legendary author and speaker Jack Canfield; he credits it with being a major positive turning point in his life today.

Now, between making regular stand-up comedy appearances at the world famous Comedy Store in Hollywood, California and sharpening his stand-up skills in legendary comedy haunts throughout Southern California, Chris offsets his professional time by teaching values based leadership and successful corporate cultural improvement approaches to a wide variety of medical device and medical products companies across the United States, keeping audiences in stitches while delivering a dynamic inspiring, transformative message that consistently reaches, engages, and lights up his audiences.  

Having recently become a Jack Canfield certified master trainer in success principals and personally instructed by Jack Canfield in Jack’s core Success Principles curriculum and powerful teaching methodologies. Chris has rapidly become one of the rare individuals consistently sought out by companies eager to have him share his unique transformative vision that combines key success principals with innovative cross-functional team leadership building skills and consequently made him one of the most highly sought after, well paid instructor/coaches and trainers to medical device and medical products companies today.

“It wasn’t always like this,” Chris confesses as he climbs into his car to make his way to catch yet another cross-country flight to see yet another eager corporate manager interested in having him showcase those secrets necessary to instill a more positive, values-based cultural mindset in employees from top to bottom and inspire them to undergo a shift in thinking that “good enough” really isn’t and that a “fantastic” culture will always outperform and out compete against every other type.  

“After having spent years as a teacher, and garnering an additional 10 years experience in the Medical Device Industry leading, managing, creating, and implementing successful IT, Operations, and R&D training programs, I found the shift to corporate training to be quite natural for me.  I love to teach, I love to make people laugh, and I am passionate about leadership.  The corporate training I do aligns my loves and my passion in an impactful way for the companies I work with.”  

“… Consequently, by mixing my experience in the highly regulated medical device industry and my natural sense of humor with principals I learned in Jack Canfield’s courses, I have become a far more effective change agent able to truly transform corporate cultures like no one else has.  I’ve worked on ‘tiger teams’ and dysfunctional teams, and by making use of the above knowledge, I’ve helped many companies to create truly great cultures that have inspired greater employee comradeship, employee productivity, employee retention and transformative results… all of which has consistently shown up in my clients’ bottom lines and balance sheets and more than pay for themselves.”

Part of the reason for this, Chris believes, is that the humor he deploys in each of his trainings has been shown time and again to be the ultimate equalizer.  Research at Loma Linda University in California has found that laughter helps lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol to improve memory and learning. “When I want people to remember key concepts, laughter is tremendously valuable and it makes attending training fun.  When people are laughing they are paying attention, they are engaged, and are more likely to implement the important cultural concepts I am introducing.”

In testament to this, an employee at Edwards Life Sciences, where Chris recently spoke, observed: “Chris is very engaging and shows expertise on the subject. He is funny and leads the class very well. He is a very good instructor and makes a lively speaker on a very complicated subject which is CAPA (Corrective Action Preventative Action.)”

And Jim Dascoli, Regional Director of Canine Dog Training, noted: “Chris has the unique ability to teach and implement high level technical material to any audience. His background in engineering combined with his strong presentational skills developed over years in the education and entertainment field, make him uniquely qualified for corporate training on a high level…”

In celebration of having recently been honored to receive official recognitions and certification as a Jack Canfield master speaker and trainer, Chris — who’s heart-centered messages have continued to uplift and inspire audiences in each of his trainings — has decided to offer a limited time special training offer/discount to commence on Valentine’s Day, with a 25% discount on his personal coaching packages and training packages –  until such notice.

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