Chan Issue Announces To Supply Recycled Used Shoes & Used Clothes at Dirt Cheap Prices

For people who cannot afford to buy new clothes and shoes, Chan Issue Limited supplies used clothes and used shoes at throw away prices.

There is a significant proportion of human population that is disadvantaged and is living a life in misery and poverty. These people are living in different parts of the world and China based Chan Issue has taken an initiative to provide them with clothes and shoes at highly reduced prices. The company recycles old clothes and shoes and makes them perfect for wearing. These used clothes and shoes are then shipped to different countries where people generally cannot afford to buy new clothes and shoes.

According to the spokesperson of the company, they mainly ship clothes and shoes to Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Kenya, and other countries. A large number of men and women living in these countries can now wear clothes and shoes to spend their lives in a respectable manner. These poverty stricken countries have a sizeable population that does not have any means of earning and thus they are bound to live a miserable life. Chan Issue makes sure that these people get clothes and used shoes to wear and feel happy.

As a leading used shoes exporter, Chan Issue offers shoes for men, women and children. They have men’s shoes, athletic sneakers, and sandals. Women can also choose from dress shoes, athletic sneakers, and sandals, while children can get shoes, skateboards and casual shoes. They do not supply long boots, skates and roller blades however.

The company can ship products all across the world and packs each bag with mixed grade products. They supply products in the standard bag size of 25kg each. However, custom bale size is also possible as per the customer’s request.  Chan Issue offers high quality products and maintains the best customer service. With their partnership with a number of shipping companies, they can ship products all over the world in a timely and reliable manner.

To place an order for used or old clothes and shoes, one can visit the website

About Chan Issue Limited

Incorporated in 2013, Chan Issue is a manufacturer and trader of used clothes and shoes. They are also in the planting of broccoli and production of sunglasses as well as in the recycling of used shoes and used-clothes. All products comply with the international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in different markets throughout the world. The company mainly exports to Japan, Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Middle East and Dubai.

Media Contact
Company Name: Chan Issue Limited
Contact Person: Jay Chan
Phone: +86 576 85670569
Country: China