Creative Proteomics Released Millions to Strengthen Its Featured Services

With decades of experience and received trust from millions of clients, Creative Proteomics has made a great impact on biological market, especially in proteomcis field. Febraury 14, 2017, it is going to allocate millions to study its featured services further in order to meet all kinds of demands of clients well. These featured services include protein identification, protein sequencing and PMF.

“Although Creative Proteomics has achieved a lot in these three kinds of services, it still wants to perfect them in order to serve clients better. Besides this, scientists have developed some new potential of some of them. We do believe this will be another impact in proteomics market,” said Dr. Hoffman, a senior scientific officer.

Protein identification

Protein identification in Creative Proteomics is really popular and plays a crucial role in the protein study from 2D gels and mass spectrometry. Through protein identification related services, researchers can match certain empirically acquired information against a protein database to identify a protein as already known or as novel. Tools in Creative Proteomics for protein identification are diverse, including TagIdent, AACompIdent, AACompSim and AIdente. Scientists want to find out more tools used in protein identification fields with assistance of funds in Creative Proteomics.

Protein sequencing

Just like the importance of protein identification in protein study, protein sequencing technique is also important in protein study. Because of its significance, protein sequencing in Creative Proteomics is designed with following abilities: determination of number of polypeptide chains, determination of amino acid composition, sequence each fragment and complete the sequence and so on. Scientists have wide experience in performing protein sequencing by using well-equipped techniques in Creative Proteomics. They are now continuing to study this for improving its complicated process.


PMF known as peptide mass fingerprinting is a key method for high throughput identification of well-separated proteins. What’s more, peptide mass fingerprinting already includes information about the mode and site of protein modifications, which need to be confirmed by sequencing approaches. Peptide mass fingerprinting technique is commonly recognized as the most important method in protein identification. So to develop PMF technique in Creative Proteomics is also a kind of approach to complete protein identification service.

Allocating millions to develop featured services, Creative Proteomics made another impact on protein market. And it is believed clients will have a new experience in these services, which they cannot know before. 

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