Sciener Smart Digital Door Lock provides the most secure and convenient way to manage homes

Sciener, a technology-based venture company that makes life smarter and  convenient for both people and their property, leveraging on its partnership with Accelvo Pvt Ltd, is pleased to announce that its Sciener smart digital door lock for homestay and airbnb uses provides best smart locks to protect people’s home as well as allow easy access. Since its creation, Sciener smart digital door lock has become the most secure way for people to manage access to their homes in a convenient way.

Smart digital locks are known to be the latest innovation available for houses. A smart digital lock sometimes may even be the best investment one can make as it has proved to be more useful than a smart watch, an electronic vehicle and some other devices.  Having in mind the increment in theft around the world as well the sophistication with which those activities are carried out. Therefore, it has become imperative to develop more useful utilities and tools that would greatly assist in securing your premise, offices and homestay business such as AirBNB .

The smart digital lock is proven to be the decent way by which people can spare themselves the hassle of rummaging for keys in their pocket or bag. This state of the art technology allows syncing between one’s smartphone and a smart lock regardless one’s location. Due to the growing demand for smart digital door locks and Airbnb, Sciener, in partnership with Accelvo Pvt Ltd decided to offer the perfect solution known as Sciener smart digital door lock.

“If you’re looking for the most convenient home entry experience, Sciener smart digital door lock replaces your keys with a smartphone in the most secured way. Sciener smart digital door lock is more than just a smart digital lock. It’s an entire home management system that is very simple, smart and highly secure which makes it a beautiful addition to your home. Any home lacking this state of the art device is missing a lot,” said Gary Wan, Accelvo Pvt Ltd co-founder.

Sciener smart digital door lock coupled with its App gives managers, hosts, property owners the ability not only monitor but also manage access control for their guests. It can generate time-limited passcode and send out to short-term tenants bringing convenience to homestay (airbnb) host. With the Sciener smart digital lock, one can delete codes or Issue new codes from one’s computer or phone without the internet, know the people that enters one’s property and when, receive text or email alerts when codes are used, no need for rekeying lock or key exchanges when keys are lost. Sciener Smart Digital Door Lock adds security and convenience to one’s home at a price range within anybody’s reach.

About Sciener

Sciener is a technology-based venture company in partnership with Accelvo Pvt Ltd The company is specialized in offering customers comprehensive solution for safe and stable mobile Bluetooth door lock solutions. Its main products include Sciener Smart Lock Series with associated app and management software. The company owns independent intellectual property rights, and more than ten patented inventions.

The company considers safety, convenience and fashion elements in its designs and implemented different smart home and smart office products for daily lives. Sciener Smart Lock brings convenience for home owners and helps property owners and managers to control their properties from anywhere in the world.

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