Leading Model Evelor Savior Launches New Swarovski ZEN Jewelry Collection With Cambodian Designer Lin Lim

Top model, musician and speaker Evelor Savior has lately launched her New Swarovski ZEN Jewelry Collection with renowned Cambodian Designer Lin Lim that aspires to help make life more meaningful for ambitious men and women.

Hollywood, FL, February 15, 2017: Renowned model Evelor Savior has recently launched New Swarovski ZEN Jewelry Collection with leading Cambodian Designer Lin Lim. The latest Lin Lim x Evelor saga zeroes on ambitious women and men who like fashion with soul and looking for more Zen for a better fulfilling life.



The collection is officially launched worldwide on February 9, 2017. All the jewelry pieces are handmade, zinged up with classy and powerful Swarovski crystals as well as beautiful gemstones, meaningful charms, positive energy and warmth. At present, there are 45 unique pieces to choose from and each of the bracelets come up with a distinct power and meaning.

“We are excited to launch our new Zen Swarovski jewelry collection for all the men and women out there who are aspiring to reach high up in life. Our bracelets are not just any ornaments but special jewelries infused with positive intentions and Crystal’s powerful energy to help the wearer with peace of mind, healing, mental clarity, self-love, focus, prosperity and such potential attributes. And yes, of course, we have spent hours and nights to make them some of the most stylish and elegant pieces ever, it’s for all those special amazing people who prefer fashion with warmth, love and heart”, smiled the top model who is also a much acclaimed musician and speaker.



Crystals are famous for its amazing ability to hold, absorb, magnify and radiate energy in regulated manner given its very geometrical shape & crystalline structure. Any sort of energy coming in contact with crystal gets instantly charged up leading to Piezo effect. At the quantum level, our body is made of energy akin to crystals and hence the Piezo effect can be worked upon the body by getting it closer to crystals which will further boost up the energy of the body surface touching the crystals. Any body part which is not functioning properly can be recharged by placing crystal over or near the area.



“The more we would work with crystal power, higher we would be able to raise our energy & experience to enjoy greater sense of well-being, higher spirituality and better ability to understand and control emotions & feelings. And this is what our latest Lin Lim x Evelor collection is all about.” [*Please note that the crystals healing meaning is for spiritual support only and it is neither a medical advice nor healthcare information]


Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/1hmQFB_0BKY


Speaking on her collaboration with jewelry designer Lin Lim, Evelor spoke of an interesting “divine coincidence”. They met for the first time high up at 30,000 ft. on a fight and instantly connected. They stayed in touch through Facebook for couple of years and then again met by chance on another flight all of a sudden, as if they were destined to meet.

“It’s on the second flight that we realized that both of us are addicted to foster positive vibes and happiness through our creative talents, lifestyle & fashion. We aim to make your lives more beautiful and elevated through our exclusive Zen collection.” Evelor added in.

To know more about Lin Lim x Evelor jewelry collection, visit www.EvelorFashion.com.

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