Chilean award-winning startup Fracttal brings in #1 asset management solution

Rising Chilean award-winning startup Fracttal has brought in the numero uno IoT-enabled highly advanced cloud and mobile-based asset management solution that helps with real-time asset management.

Santiago de Chile, Chile, February 15, 2017: Chilean award-winning startup Fracttal is all set to redefine the asset management world with its #1 asset management solution that will help companies to work better, experience more production uptime and attain the long list of happy clientele. It speaks of a highly advanced IoT-enabled real-time asset management that would renew industries by linking their digital & physical assets, capturing data & responding as per knowledge acquired. Fracttal assures a user-friendly, simple-to-implement solution which would be highly affordable for small businesses.

The company has won the Demo Day of Start-Up Chile in 2015 beating 100+ companies from all across the world and also it was selected for Start-Up Chile Scale. It’s the first ever Chilean start-up to partner with Intel.

“As per Gartner, 90% of companies lack proper asset management solution which does not allow them to predict asset malfunction and timely maintenance that eventually subject them to massive production downtime and loss if a crisis strikes”, stated Chris Struve, the co-founder & CEO of Fracttal.

According to him, these companies mostly rely on spreadsheets and manual records which cannot help them to reduce failures, optimize uptime and enhance operational efficiency. It’s because current solutions are on-premise solutions such as Infor EAM, IBM Maximo, Mincom, etc. that cannot properly utilize benefits of IoT & mobile devices as well as are highly pricey and hard to use & implement. It poses a serious challenge for the companies no doubt as the future of B2B lies in cloud and mobility.

“But we are here to solve the real problem for these enterprises. Precisely, we are all set to disrupt the contemporary asset management scene with our cutting-edge product that integrates more advanced technology in one wholesome software & hardware package that is duly IoT-enabled. Our solution speaks of a powerful combination of M2M, communication, telematics & robust asset management technology that will enable companies to resolve all their asset performance issues, reduce downtime, enhance productivity & carry on operations more efficiently than ever- and that too without costing an arm.”



Mr Struve co-founded the company with Alejandro Pérez. Chris holds an extensive decade-long experience in asset management sector and has taken part in 200+ implementation projects. Mr Pérez is a veteran electronic engineer who has been working on electronics, Robotics & M2M over the past decade and was also the Colombian robotic champion in 2006.

Fracttal’s Enterprise Asset Management portal comprises of 4 software and hardware components:


  • Fracttal Asset Cloud- it enables companies to monitor various facets of asset management like equipment, technicians, providers, rotating assets, costs, warranties, etc. the users would get on everything via statistics & smart KPI indicators.


  • Fracttal Mobile- it’s a mobile application designed for technicians who are always working on the field. It would enable them to access the maintenance tasks, receive alerts and resolve tasks with mobile devices.


  • Fracttal Box & FracttalOBD- these are IoT appliances which help companies to monitor assets in real-time by connecting to sensors or I/0 devices.



At present, Fracttal holds an extensive customer base (DuPont, Unilever, Petrobras, Veolia, Suez, Hilton etc.) covering 20 nations that represent 3000 users across 160 companies and has managed a large volume of around 2.2 million assets.

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