Haojie Hu (Aaron Hu), Founder of Sharenplat: Simple Mission of Loyalty Network

Flourishing development of Internet is indeed dismembering standard and belief that people established through the ages, or separating people’s inner world and exploring the dark side of human nature. Such situation is prevailing especially under internet entrepreneurial environment. Facing chaotic phenomena of Chinese entrepreneurial environment, Mr. Haojie Hu (Aaron Hu), a returned student from America, is trying to reconstitute the Internet ecology in his own business mode. He is building an ALL-IN-ONE shared living platform Sharenplat together with his team.

Simpler entrepreneurial motivation creates more profound social value

“Synergism and co-sharing creates a bright future, the basic motivation of Sharenplat is to find trust among people, to enable us to reemphasize the credit of each individual and the spirit of contract,” said by Haojie Hu (Aaron Hu), founder of Loyalty Network.

As he emphasized, most Chinese people today regard wealth as the top value guidance. There is not that much emphasis on ethics, boundaries, and contract in the society, many people cheat each other, many businessmen tend to make “once-for-all” deal. Only if technological means are used to offer credit-rating services for one another in a multi-faceted way, and make detailed evaluation for people and their behaviors, and for business practices of organizations. To that end, the Block Chain technology is used by Loyalty Network to provide supervision for the entire society, with a hope to improve the socio-economic environment of the country. So that people can trust each other again.

“Through Sharenplat, value of each person and article is co-shared, resources are utilized more efficiently. While for the establishment of credit system, namely, the so-called rouse, emphasizing, reward and punishment of the most fundamental trust and morality among people, and between people and organization, these are thought to be the foundation to achieve co-shared economy via technology and also the confidence for us to start our career.”

Graduate from New York University Refused High Salary from Wall Street

Haojie Hu (Aaron Hu) once founded a project in New York to help left-behind children and won a significant award from Clinton Foundation. As a gifted student graduated from Business School of New York University, Haojie Hu (Aaron Hu) gave up the offer with annual salary of one million RMB from Wall Street. He lived and worked in London, New York, and Hong Kong, such brilliant experiences should be made by a man born in 1970s rather than a prudent entrepreneur born in 1990s.

Today, more and more overseas students choose to go back to China to seek China Dream. In the new around of internet start-up tide, internet entrepreneurs of this generation want to solve social problems more. They are insightful into products, users, and social issues. Social problems are also recognized under the macro-background of Sharenplat’s establishment.

The core of sharing economy is to connect the shared demand of human being on materials by means of technology. There is a large number of people engaged in sharing industry worldwide, but few are trying to seek ways to meet people’s demand on time, skill, and materials in daily life. The first batch of internet entrepreneurs from America has created miracles, the black swan of sharing economy may be one of them.

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