The AgRover, A Simple New Vehicle Set to Revolutionize Farming in the Developing World

For most emerging economies, their foundation is a strong agricultural sector, but there are many challenges to optimizing food production and achieving this in developing countries. These challenges include poor road conditions, limited access to water, and inability to transport goods in a timely fashion leading to widespread post-harvest losses.  Today in Sub-Saharan Africa it is estimated that 37% of food produced is wasted because it doesn’t make it to market in time.  A new vehicle called the AgRover, developed by Mobile Agricultural Power Solutions (MAPS) in partnership with Purdue University, is about to revolutionize farming in the Developing World, by offering inexpensive and reliable transportation.

In many developing nations, poor quality roads necessitate that farmers transport water, fertilizer or crops by foot.  This poses problems such as inefficient farming practices and low crop yields that in turn keep many farmers at subsistence farming levels.  The AgRover, sourced and manufactured in Africa, is a powerful, reliable transport vehicle that can carry up to one ton over even the most impassable terrain, allowing farmers to access water and markets year round. With only a minor investment, farming communities can energize their agrarian operations and transform their farms into competitive businesses.

The AgRover is a multi-purpose machine that can be used for many farming functions including powering maize grinders, planters, cultivators and water pumps.  It weighs only 1,700 pounds and has a five-speed transmission, full suspension, and hydraulic brakes on all wheels. This compact, robust design may also be used to save lives by transporting injured or ill passengers from remote areas to medical facilities or distributing medication to hard to reach areas.

The AgRover promises to make farming in developing nations a more efficient and profitable venture, but MAPS needs your assistance to help bring this amazing product to market. If you support their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, you can receive an array of perks like stickers, T-shirts, sunglasses, hats, backpacks, 3-D printed gearboxes, metal prints, or an AgRover for your farm. 

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