Airwheel F3 Smart UAV Is Created With Innovation Spirit

It seems as if taking pictures or videos has become a common habit in daily life. The latest product of Airwheel F3 drone with camera shows the determination and courage to change people’s way of shooting videos and taking pictures.

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Developments are established on changes. The emergence of phone has changed people’s communication way; the emergence of internet has changed people’s way of getting information, and some other changes has taken happen in some sectors. It needs courage to make changes. The latest product of Airwheel F3 drone with camera shows the determination and courage to change people’s way of entertainment.

Airwheel F3 drone with camera

The first change Airwheel F3 unmanned aerial vehicle, UAV for shorthas make is that it adopts a high definition camera, which shows the technology develops from addition to subtraction. Actually, F3 is an automatic aerial photo UAV elf that can shoot in 360°. The camera in anti-shake design can restore every frame clearly and record the wonderful moments precisely. Also, it support three photo taking modes, one-photo taking mode, time-lapse taking mode and continuous capture mode. More importantly, you can beautify these photos and upload them to the social media letting more people enjoy it.

Airwheel F3 unmanned aerial vehicle

The design of F3 drone accords with ergonomics, which is more humanized and smaller. The high quality materials increase friction, therefore, F3 UAV is more sensitive than other products. The mixed material allows it to have stronger heat resistance, cold endurance, flame resistance and impact force resistance. This performance can not only protects its body, but also make it more practical and unique.

Riders can easily control it—slide screen to control and somatosensory control. Based on electric energy calculation, in low battery, it will return automatically. Other than that, if out of touch, F3 will return automatically. F3, like the other models in Airwheel has its exclusive mobile App. After installing the APP into phone, F3 unmanned aerial vehicle can be connected to it by phone to synchronize photo and video and to share them with others and so on. More functions can be learnt from its official web.

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Brave to make changes, Airwheel has launched its latest product Airwheel F3. Useful, convenience and attractive, F3 drone with camera will become a good new choice for the public.

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