A Brief Introduction to Airwheel C6 and C8 Smart Sport Helmets

Lately, the wearable equipment market has thrived. It is believed that such momentum will continue for a long time. Considering this, Airwheel has launched another two wearable equipment—C6 and C8 intelligent helmets, following C5.

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Gradually, the wearable equipment market thrived. It seems on a rise and the momentum will be kept high. In view of this fact, Airwheel felt obliged to throw itself into the field. Airwheel was successful in developing its first generation of wearable equipment C5 and in 2017 Airwheel rolled out C6 and C8 intelligent helmets to satisfy more people’s requirements.

Airwheel C6

During the ride, the safety comes first. Airwheel C6 and C8 smart helmets meet the demand of practice. They are made of strong plastic ABS, and have passed rigorous testing of extrusion, impact and high temperature to give rider maximum protection. The strap of C6 can be adjusted to tighten or loose the helmet to find the best-fit. Moreover, windproof cover design can effectively protect riders’ binocular safety during the riding. The rear of the C6 cool motorcycle helmet is equipped with breathing light to give warning of the rear vehicles and pedestrian in darker environment or night riding.

 C8 helmet cameras

Airwheel C8 full face helmetis more suitable for professional players. Based on the head type database, C8 realizes 3D modelling that can perfectly match the rider’s head. It chooses high quality materials featuring by excellent moisture absorption and perspiration function and is elaborately produced, allowing users to enjoy excellent wearing experience.

The purpose of safety is not enough. Airwheel C6 and C8 helmet cameras have realized multiple functions, such as communication, camera shooting, data recording etc. The accompanying smart camera enables riders to take photographs or videos anytime, anywhere and to record every wonderful moment more easily and clearly. The built-in Wi-Fi modules enable it to connect to mobile phones and indoor network hot spot so that you can share the wonderful videos to your friends via kinds of social media.

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With the Bluetooth, riders are capable of answering phone calls in riding, more secure and convenient.

In a word, these functions benefit the riders in a comprehensive way. Airwheel C6 and C8 smart helmets will be loved by more and more riders.

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