Design Engineer Couple Launches Crowdfunding Campaign To Support Magic Spice Spoon

Budapest-based design engineer couple Balazs Oltvai & Reka O. Horvath has launched a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter seeking support for their innovative HocuSpoon magic spice spoon that will make meals more special by adding little flair and cute décor details.

Budapest, Hungary – February 16, 2017 – Budapest-based design engineer couple Balazs Oltvai & Reka O. Horvath has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter in support of their revolutionary HocuSpoon. Aptly dubbed as “magic spice spoon”, this innovative, adorable patent and design protection pending spoon is engineered to redefine kitchens by adding a cute flair to every meal. Cappuccinos, cupcakes, mashed potatoes or scrambled eggs are going to get wee “special” from now on.

The crowdfunding campaign is geared to raise around $2,500 within March 5, 2016.

“There is always a certain unique level of fun and excitement in transcending the ordinary to extraordinary with tiny twists and turns and the same goes with the meals. How about adding some professional panache to your everyday mashed potatoes or cappuccinos? Cool, isn’t it. You bet it is and this is where our HocuSpoon comes in. The first of its kind, it’s your game-changing magic spice spoon that will enable you to delight family and friends with instant detail & décor on the food.”

“The spoon comes with holes where you can put grounded spice or powder and sprinkle them on your dish to design the details. How about cute paprika stars on your hot garlic soup or a fun adorable sugar teddy on the steaming hot chocolate? Well, with HocuSpoon you can always make even the most ordinary things magical and it’s a must have for every kitchen. However, it’s an expensive venture to create injection molds (tools) for the spoon and hence this crowdfunding campaign. We are a small company and your generous support would be much appreciated,” stated Balazs Oltvai while announcing the crowdfunding campaign.

He spoke of their brand new HocuSpoon Box that will come with the magic spice spoon itself and 16 easily attachable food design templates. From smiling faces to cats to teddy bear to snowflakes to boats, each box will contain some really interesting designs that will instantly bring smile to the face and make even the most regular meals truly entertaining. All the funds raised from the campaign would be channelized for making the injection mold a large steel tool that will detail the transparent décor cases.

“It’s so easy to use that even your little one can use it for his cupcakes. You can add any kind of food powder or finely granulated ingredient here be it sugar or paprika or curry powder or nutmeg or cinnamon and so on,” Reka added in.

The creative design-engineer couple has also brought a cutting edge CinniBird Spice Pen that will help users to write and make drawings on food.

Backers would be honored with amazing rewards, including the state of the art entertaining HocuSpoon at a highly discounted rate while a cool combo of HocuSpoon + CinniBird Pen is also waiting for the donators.

To show your support for HocuSpoon, visit Kickstarter or

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