My Florida Green Launches Amendment 2 Medical Marijuana Recommendation Service

NAPLES, FL – 2/16/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — After the passing of Amendment 2 in the state of Florida, residents with qualifying conditions can now get legal medical marijuana to help facilitate their health and alleviate any suffering. Patients with conditions such as glaucoma, epilepsy, HIV, cancer and other debilitating conditions can request medical marijuana from a licensed marijuana Physician that they establish a 90 day relationship with.

My Florida Green, a new Florida based company, facilitates the process of getting your legal medical marijuana recommendation by connecting patients in need with board-certified Marijuana Physicians, all online, in the comfort of your own home.

Nick Garulay, Founder of My Florida Green stated, “With this new Amendment being passed, patients in need of medical marijuana can now obtain the medicine they need to alleviate the suffering from their debilitating condition”. Nick and his team have been working hard onboarding doctors who are ready to help facilitate patients’ needs.

Nick went on to say, “After interviewing nearly 100 licensed medical marijuana Physicians in Florida I realized that most are not ready to participate due to an adherent risk factor. I’m proud to announce we’ve partnered with an exclusive group of family practice Physicians that are only interested in helping patients acquire this medicine at an affordable price.  I’ve weeded through many doctors that are sitting on the side lines and that are taking names and placing them on a list and doing nothing while these patients suffer with debilitating conditions.  I’m proud to announce that we’ve established good relationships with an exclusive group of licensed physicians that are upholding their oath to treat illness. Amendment 2 has passed and the people have spoken!”

My Florida Green has also teamed up with the popular doctor on demand application, TheDocApp, to provide HIPAA Compliant online video chat services to My Florida Green customers. Now you can get a certified Physician’s recommendation by establishing a 90 day relationship via web chat. My Florida Green is currently only available to Florida residents who have debilitating conditions. Too see if you apply, simply fill out their online application.

About My Florida Green

My Florida Green was established specifically to facilitate Cannabis Recommendations by statewide board-certified Physicians licensed by the compassionate care act for patients with debilitating conditions, allowed by Florida law. The results are a legal Medical Cannabis recommendation with minimal effort as possible from the patient and Physician with a streamlined approach and robust online platform.

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