White Naturals Skin Care Launches Luxurious and Safe Skin Care Products at Relatively Cheaper Prices

Oceanside, New York — White Naturals skincare is proud to announce its worldwide debut on February 12 with a new collection of luxury, quality and effective Organic Skin Care products, featuring all natural Beeswax, Beeswax pellets, organic cocoa pellets, Shea and original cocoa butter.

White Naturals’ mission is to serve the skin care needs of people worldwide. Each product is formulated with its own key and natural ingredients, according to the company spokesman, Michael Long. Organic cocoa butter by White Naturals is an excellent source of protective fatty acids and is very useful for making homemade moisturizers and skin care products. Long adds that the company’s yellow beeswax is all natural, and comes in a variety of sizes to suit user needs. It can be used as an organic beauty and hair product, such as body lotion, lip balm and for skin care.

Organic cocoa butter by White Naturals has a long shelf life, and provides natural fatty acids that can be used in homemade moisturizers and skin care products. The shea butter is certified organic and fair trade, and is useful for spot treatment for even the driest skin. The organic yellow beeswax is of the finest grade, and tested for skin safety.

“After 5 years of intensive research and development, it is thrilling to see the vision of White Naturals Skin Care come to fruition,” says Ella Matir of White Natural Skin Care LLC. “We have leveraged our team’s expertise, which is dedicated to offer our customers safe and original skincare products with genuine ingredients. Our mission is to supply our esteemed customers with effective and efficient organic beauty products, such as beeswax, beeswax pellets, organic cocoa butter, organic beeswax pellets and cocoa butter at a relatively cheaper price.”

The brand launch is accompanied by a new e-commerce website, Whitenaturals.com. Apart from products that can be bought online, the site also features recipes such as moisturizing lip balm and feet cream. The company is urging dermatologists, ladies and gentlemen seeking to get original and organic beauty products to visit their website to pre-order for their own beauty products and get a super fast delivery.

For more information on White Naturals Skin Care, and a step-by-step guide on how to place orders, please visit www.whitenaturals.com or connect with the brand on Facebook and Twitter.

About White Naturals

White Naturals LLC is a new startup beauty products company. They are committed to ethical practices, and supply of highly effective and safe organic beauty products for their esteemed customers all across the globe. The brand is presently supplying customers with beeswax, bees wax pellets, organic cocoa butter, organic bees wax pellets and cocoa butter at a relatively cheaper price, customers can easily order on their website.

To learn more about White Naturals, please visit their website www.whitenaturals.com

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