Online community wants to help consumers find the best flavor among a line of food and nutrition products

Consumers can easy find the best flavors based on expertly prepared reviews, scores and analysis is an online community dedicated to discovering and analyzing products and foods for their taste, flavor, and nutrition. Their mission is to find nutritious foods in different categories e.g. protein bars and BCAAs, analyze the flavor, and provide ratings to help consumers make a better choice. The products are usually picked from a line of products with different flavors, which is compared and reviewed to reveal the best. The total score is given based on the function of other scores, which includes freshness, opinion, popularity, brand and value. also provide a link to where these top rated flavors can be purchased on Amazon. Start discovering great flavors by visiting the website at  

“Flavory is a startup that’s aiming to revolutionize the way we analyze taste and nutrition. Our ratings make it easy for people to compare and pick the best flavor for the food/nutrition product they are about to purchase. No more cracking your head, reading long reviews or asking all your neighbors for advice. It is a place where flavor reigns supreme, and the consumer wins all,” said Anthony Jose, CEO.

Flavory offer consumers the opportunity to save time and resources finding the best flavors. Their review and analysis systems are highly efficient, providing a total score or aggregate score from other scores like the popularity of the product, brand reputation, innovation, and trust, as well as analyses based on user opinions. There is also a brief report and review explaining in details why the product has been chosen instead of other flavors.

“I love the idea that flavory is promoting. It is an idea that will change the way we buy food and speed up our decision making. I find the website highly refreshing, providing consumers with the best option when it comes to choosing a particular flavor from a line of products. Nothing beats a system created to make the life of the consumer easier,” said Andrew M, a consumer.

Flavory provides a direct link to for every product it reviews. Purchasing quality products help support the manufacturers and encourages the emergence of the best products.

About Flavory
Flavory is a startup committed to revolutionizing the way consumers analyze taste and nutrition. The company provides reviews and analysis of food and nutrition products, helping the consumer find the best option in a line of products. They plan to launch nutrition comparison feature on the site soon. For more information, please contact 718-553-8740 (NY),, or visit

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