Psychic Medium Deborah Livingston Explains Outer Life Forces and the Effects on Human Beings

“”There is a clear and defined difference between reacting to life and responding. The growing recognition of this difference makes for a realization of one’s true life destiny. “”
Intuitive Psychic Medium Deborah Livingston Explains the Outer Life Forces and the Effect on Human Beings.

Deborah Livingston tackles the differences between reacting versus responding to life, and explains the outcomes of each.

There is growing recognition among society that eternal spirits having a human experience can either set their life path by reacting to life or responding. When we are born, there is a nature-state of peace, wisdom, and love, all of which is affected by outside life experiences. These effects life has on us can either squash our spirit, enhance our ego to lead us down our life path, or become an invitation to shift our thinking and renew our lives, much like the transformation of a butterfly.  Humans can continue to slowly crawl through the dirt of what they perceive to be victims of life, or change their thoughts. Or, they can undergo an equally dramatic transformation, unfolding the path to liberation from within the depths of the soul and emerge, after a great struggle, as an expression of divinity in the world and evolve from self- imprisonment to grow wings of freedom.

When spirits/souls are born into a human being, they bring with them their infinite, natural state of peace, wisdom, and love. It is society, upbringing, and mind-conditioning that defines how human minds either react or respond to outside forces of life. “The Mother” of White Roses Sixth Edition, 1999 said, “Never forget that the greater life difficulties, the greater also our possibilities. It is only those who have high capacities and a big future who meet the great obstacles and hardships.”  It is the conscious mind that understands living in the dark can create a hell and cause us to become victims; alternately, it knows that by honoring the dark times, along with great times, this enables gratitude for the light and mastering positive thoughts and responses to life. The key rests in knowing that life adversities are an invitation for change into positive energy.

There is a clear and defined difference between reacting to life and responding. The growing recognition of this difference makes for a realization of one’s true life destiny.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Human beings are made up of a whole. The whole consists of mind, body, and soul. When people allow negative reactions to life, it affects a part or parts of the whole. If the mind, body or spirit is out of balance due to reacting instead of responding to life, the energetic health of the whole is significantly affected. The reactions come from egos, such as fear, anger, and resentment.  Only when humans respond through their heart are they able to experience continuous growth and evolution of their spirit/soul in their daily happiness, peace, and fulfillment. 

In life, human beings have free will; it is free will that ultimately defines and creates their life path and destiny. Life can be lived in the imprisonment of the mind, causing additional life adversities OR not giving life experiences permission to dictate the future of their lives. External life forces do have an effect on the subjective well-being of humans. Difficulties and struggles can elicit the ego to take charge of our lives. The ego is made up of negative thoughts, and thoughts are energy. The negative energies of fear, anger, resentment, etc. that are not processed and let go of result in negative patterns, health, life path and even affects the lives of others. When humans take the time to allow their hearts to feel, process, learn and let go, they can respond with positive energy. They understand that for every negative, there can be a positive outcome. The transformation of human minds and thinking also transitions their perception in how they see this school called life. Their soul awakens.

Not all humans have the strength to overcome reactions of life through ego. They can become depressed, sick in mind and or body, substance dependent, suicidal and some may even spend their lives on revenge and selfishness, most of which is fear of the unknown. Fear is just an acronym for false evidence appearing real. Darkness is an illusion that disappears with the Light. Fear is an illusion that goes with Love. Ego is an illusion that disappears into imprisonment of one’s mind.

The humans that choose to overcome conditioning, society’s rules and delusions and the veil that harbors their natural state can transform and respond to outer life experiences and lead a healthy, fulfilling life and discover their destiny and purpose. According to Silver Birch, “Grief, sorrow, sickness and suffering are part of the means by which the children of earth are taught the greatest lessons. If truth were to be found with ease, it would not be appreciated. It is because truth comes in the hour of greatest sorrow or suffering that value is placed upon it by the one who is ready to receive. Trite though may be sound, you cannot obtain truth until you are spiritually ready.” This quote translates to; humans must be willing to face external life forces, process, accept and let go and transform with the whole mind, body, and soul. The change from life experiences enables human beings to respond instead of reacting.


As seen on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and WBZ news and featured on the cover of OM Times Magazine, Deborah Livingston is an award winning, International Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, Author of Strand of Pearls and Outstanding Results, Mentor, Psychic Investigator and a Shaman. Deborah has been attending the Arthur Findlay College in England annually where she takes mediumship course and is a member of the Spiritualist National Union. Deborah is a member of Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics, listed on Bob Olson’s best psychic medium directory and also chose as one of the Top Psychics in Boston by Jack Rourke, one of the most prominent professional psychics in North America. Deborah’s service is private and small or large group readings, large venue galleries, workshops, fundraising and speaking.

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