Artisanal Hot Cocoa blend Campaign successfully quadrupled its funding goal

It seems that everyone loves the decadent goodness of malt milkshakes from the 1960s because the Kickstarter campaign from Malty the Bear for their upcoming Artisanal Hot Cocoa blend inspired by malt shakes of 60s has successfully reached their initial funding goal of $1000. The small business aims to develop Malty the Brear which will be a delicious hot chocolate drink blend using high-quality ingredients. Gaia Tea is hoping that more people will join their campaign as it nears the end of its successful run on Wed, March 8, 2017.

The people at Gaia Tea were not expecting such a tremendous response from the online crowd for their latest product, the small company has a tradition of bringing great tasting, high-quality products that they know people will enjoy and the Malty the Bear  Hot Cocoa blend will be no exception. The spokesperson for Gaia Tea said, “This is our third project. With your help and encouragement, this project has also been a success. We have successfully made and exceeded our goal and as promised you will be charged what you pledged and you will get your fantastic rewards.”

The hot cocoa blend will contain a combination of the highest quality of cocoa powder, delicious honey crystals, and the rich malted milk powder, all combined and packaged in an adorable 9 oz Malty bear glass jar with a gold lid. Gaia Tea plans to win the hearts of both adults reminiscing about the rich goodness of malt milkshakes from the 1960s and the children who enjoy sweet, chocolatey and nutritious drinks. The popularity of the idea is evident from the response it received from the backers, who helped Gaia Tea achieve their funding goal in only 32 hours.

To commemorate the achievement, Gaia Tea announced that they have adopted a Grizzly Bear from Defenders of Wildlife, which is an organization that works on the ground, in the courts, and on Capitol Hill to protect and restore imperiled wildlife across North America and around the world.

An update released by Gaia Tea upon the achievement of their funding goal read, “We’ve reached our goal in 32 hours! Every one of you is amazing and inspire us to make the best product ever. We were so moved by your support that we adopted a Grizzly Bear from Defenders of Wildlife.”

To learn more about Malty the Bear Artisanal Hot Cocoa blend and support the project please visit:

About us: Gaia Tea is the brainchild of two siblings. One chef and one web magician.

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