The Gizmowl White Owl Open Source Drone UAV Looking For 3D Printing Help From Makers Community

A disruptive new mobile intelligence drone brand called Gizmowl, based on the White Owl and Genghis Khan theme may compete for a piece of the defense budget.

The US defense budget in 2015 was 597 billion USD and ranked 1st in the world.

Amidst rumors that the Trump administration is looking to clamp down on defense spending, a new company has entered the foray.

“The Gizmowl White Owl UAV from Brainstorm Magic Creations is looking to get a small piece of the defense budget for development of white owl drones and spend it with the makers community” says Jesse Gilbert, found of the company.

Brainstorm Magic is a multi-sector company that began in software and then moved towards defense after a long, hard analysis of the software market.

“The reason the Gizmowl brand is competitive right out of the gates is simply our branding. The white owl theme and pithy name may already be worth a small fortune. If one looks at the history and maps of the middle-east, tapping into the owl theme is a good way to get to market.”

The major value the company currently brings to the party is Fortune 500 level branding.

“The Gizmowl is intentionally designed for intelligence and scouting missions in the Middle East and Far East. The branding taps into folklore aiming to be a favorite among military personnel and strategic allies and whoever our coalition of makers supports” says Gilbert.

Some may be skeptical that a new-comer to aerospace and defense can get part of the budget.

That is why the company is inviting public commentary on the project.

“Citizens deserve the best dollar for dollar value on defense spending and deterrence from terrorism and also some oversight on how drone technology is used. We don’t take shallow viewpoints and our brand stands for something. We invite anyone interested to take a look at the history of the region and determine if yes, dollar for dollar, the Gizmowl White Owl intelligence drone is the best value.”

In addition to becoming a premier modular open source drone, the company hopes to one day have a line of products for a regional aerospace company in times of peace.

“I would like to make some of the designs for the Gizmowl drone project open source. This would be a modular drone design system, probably based on a starter model developed from our aerospace engineers from India and the Bay Area. The goal is to get a sector of the 3D maker community on our side and offer them an outstanding brand umbrella to operate under for part of the lucrative defense budget and also for the hobbyist / consumer market. It would be great to offer a quality brand that reverses the current market trend of home delivery and actually serve as a drone that consumers own. This white owl drone can go to stores and pick up items at pick up windows.”

The logistics may be a few years off and there are laws preventing certain types of consumer drone flight.

However, Gilbert thinks this is flexible and will definitely change in the future.

“Our radical new prototype concept allows for models with softer wings that will pop out if it clips an object like a pole. This means it could still maintain flight and be less of a danger to falling on people or vehicles. These are all complicated discussions, but the way drones are going, we are looking to be market positioned for 2025 to 2100 and beyond. In addition, our drones will be equipped with artificial intelligence, making them capable of speaking great bits of wisdom in the form of quotes, proverbs, parables and sayings…Even providing comic relief.”

The brand was created with input from retired military personel and top level aeronautical and aerospace engineering program graduates.

R. Posey, a retired squad leader for the U.S. Army who was a welder and machinest in Iraq in 2010 agrees:

“The Gizmowl Mobile Intelligence Drones are something I had in mind but did not have access to. Instead of sending more soldiers out I would rather use these. Anything that will bring personnel of the lines is responsible, cost effective military spending.”

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