HiMama Celebrates 75 Million Moments Shared with Families

17.02.2017 – HiMama, an app used by daycare, childcare and early learning programs, has recently surpassed the milestone of 75 million moments shared with families. While HiMama has focused its growth in North America, the app is currently used by thousands of childcare and early learning programs across the world.

Originally designed in 2013 for parents to record, share and relive their child’s moments, HiMama has since been implemented by thousands of daycares and preschools to keep parents in the loop on their child’s activities. Preschool teachers use the app to record everything from children’s health and well-being, such as meals, nap times and behavior, to their learning and developmental activities.

Many childcare facilities and preschool programs are using the HiMama app to help parents maintain peace of mind about their child while they’re at work, but also to improve quality and efficiency of their own operations. The app has several notable features that have grabbed the attention of both early childhood education experts, as well as modern parents.

Efficient preschool documentation

Preschool teachers can record photos, videos and other activities of children throughout the day and report updates to parents immediately or at the end of the day. There is no longer a need for teachers to prepare handwritten documents, resulting in more quality interactions with the children and less time writing notes.

Online portfolios and development assessments

Early childhood educators spend a significant amount of time compiling the outcomes of children’s work, like binders with child portfolios, attendance reports, and developmental assessments. Due to the time-consuming nature of compiling this information, it will often be skipped altogether. The automated reporting with HiMama creates these important learning and development outputs instantly without any additional effort by the educator.

Automatic updates and reports to families

The HiMama app automatically updates parents about the progress of their child. Digital communications with parents comes in the form of real-time updates, digital daily reports, two-way messaging, and SMS text alerts, allowing parents to stay connected with their children no matter where they are.

Accessible for both preschool teachers and parents

HiMama has maintained a philosophy of keeping the app accessible to both teachers and parents. For teachers, in addition to iPads and Android tablets, the app can also be used on smartphones, as well as on Kindle tablets that are cost-effective options for any childcare program. For parents, they can access information and updates on the HiMama Parent app or the himama.com website, but also via email.

About HiMama

HiMama is an app for childcare and early learning programs that aims to empower teachers and engage families. Preschool teachers use the app to record children’s activities and learning to keep parents in the loop with messages, photos, videos and reports. HiMama seeks to improve learning and developmental outcomes for infant to preschool children by giving teachers the tools they need to manage their class and providing parents the information they need to engage in their child’s learning and development.

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