Long Time Educator and Poet, Garry Cox Releases First Book, The Waters of Appanoose County

Retired educator, Garry Cox, releases his first poetry book The Waters of Appanoose County. Garry was born in Appanoose County, Iowa and this book is a culmination of many life experiences from a very young age. ‘Waters’ is a collection of poems about various topics such as love, friendship and spirituality.
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Garry Cox, retired educator, released his first book of poetry, The Waters of Appanoose County, to share his lifetime of experiences with readers of all ages. Born in Appanoose County, Iowa, Garry’s innate love of colorful language lead him to poetic expression at a very young age. This book represents a lifelong love affair with words and their potential to illuminate and liberate the human experience.

An article in the Huffington Post explains “Poetry can be a game-changer for struggling writers and language learners. A whole new pathway opens up and writers and readers, speakers and listeners speak the same language — the language of human experience.”

It is that ‘language’ that Garry has perfected in his poetry. ‘Waters’ is a collection of poems about various topics such as love, friendship and spirituality. Each section of the book is unique and personal, intended to connect with readers from all backgrounds.

Garry’s love for poetry started at an early age, when his natural ability to speak poetically was nurtured by his mother.  Later in life he would spend a decade writing short poem for his wife, Bernice, every day before he left for work. 

In addition to writing poetry, Garry is an avid blogger and budding playwright. His website, garrycox.com features several blogs, short stories and new poems. Garry created the blog Run for YourLife, in Bernice’s honor. His blog Living a Dream shares experiences from his time at ALTIS, an Olympic training facility in Phoenix, where he runs daily. Garry uses his blogs to give updates on the book and to share his latest poems.

Garry stated, “I am so excited about my new book, The Waters of Appaloosa County.  I truly believe that writing is precursor to thought, not the other way around. And the beauty of poetry is the delightful surprises that keep turning up. Each poem is a journey;  each thought a gem that has patiently waited for its poetic debut. As an author, I never know what I’m going to write until I see it in print.”

Garry’s poems reveal a zeal for life and a life-long love affair with the English language. About his great interest to share his life experiences, Garry has this to say: People write for as many reasons as there are stars in the sky. Me, I write because it’s the only way I can keep track of who I am, what I’m thinking, and the status of my dreams.”

Recently Garry was interviewed on the Athletes as Educators podcast to discuss his love for running and passion for writing. You can read  Garry’s blog and read exerts from the Waters of Appanoose Country at  www.garrycox.com. Also readers can connect with Garry on Facebook  @Garry Cox and Twitter @garry_cox.

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