WHITE LAKE, MI – 2/17/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Rustic MAKA, a Michigan-based personal care company, announces a launch of the DETOX – Underarm Care System, a 3-step kit to help accelerate the detox process during a transition from conventional antiperspirants to natural deodorants, or reoccurring detox effects after a lifestyle-changing event.

After the release of Pachy Natural Deodorants in 2014 Kasia Rothe of Rustic MAKA realized there is a need for more comprehensive care of the underarms that goes beyond the basics of odor and wetness protection. “The sensitive skin in the underarm area gets often neglected and is not properly cared for. All that changes with the new DETOX system. The 3-step process aims to simultaneously cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate delicate underarm area. All DETOX ingredients are hand-selected for their highest nutrient content and purifying properties for the maximum skin benefit and rejuvenation. It took us months of research and testing to ensure their highest quality.” Said Rothe, CEO of Rustic MAKA.

DETOX system includes the following products designed to work in synergy to leave the delicate underarm skin feeling cleansed, balanced and nourished, and gets the user on the way to enjoy the benefits of natural deodorants:

CLEANSE – Activated Charcoal Soap ($9.95): Non-drying, natural soap fortified with powerful magnet-like properties of Activated Charcoal and mineral-rich Kaolin clay. Designed to effectively remove impurities, this potent combination leaves the skin cleansed and refreshed.

CLEANSE – Activated Charcoal Konjac Sponge: Unique, mineral-rich fibers of Konnyaku plant infused with activated charcoal make the Activated Charcoal Konjac Sponge an ideal companion to gently cleanse and remove build-up without stripping the delicate underarm skin.

EXFOLIATE – Purifying Clays ($19.95): The ROYALTY of the Clays! Powerful, water-activated exfoliant that utilizes purifying effects of Kaolin and Bentonite clays to remove dead skin build-up and promote natural skin renewal process. Mineral-rich Rhassoul clay makes an ideal companion to fortify and stimulate the skin with high magnesium, potassium and calcium content. Absorbent powers of Bamboo Charcoal detoxify, while a blend of nutrient-rich botanical extracts combined with soothing Rice flour bring forth skin’s impurities and nourish the skin.

BALANCE – Antioxidant Serum ($25.95): Nourishing blend of Moringa and Rosehip specifically selected to soothe, harmonize and rejuvenate even the most delicate skin. Deeply hydrating and restorative powers of Black Cumin and Camellia drench and infuse the skin with highly concentrated Vitamin A, C and E. A silky application makes this serum an ideal companion for over exerted skin.

Available exclusively at, DETOX – Underarm Care System includes all four items for $49.95. Each System also includes an award-winning, travel size Pachy Natural Deodorant in a choice of scent. All items are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten and GMO-free.

Rustic MAKA® is a family-owned personal care company, dedicated to work towards reclaiming your well-being. We embrace simplicity and offer the highest quality products that go beyond today’s standards of natural, through the use of exceptional ingredients, sustainable applications, no animal testing and above all, honesty. For more information, please contact Monica Stakvel at To learn more, visit

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