CCTV Kansas City Adds Access Control To Its Product Offerings

Overland Park, KS – CCTV Kansas City, a leading security integrator of security cameras and video surveillance systems, has recently added Access Control to its product offerings. Considered as one of the best security cameras Kansas City providers, the company has been offering its services to the people of this City for more than ten years.

“Since the inception of the Company we have primarily focused on Video Surveillance and Security Camera Solutions for the Kansas City Area, but we are now offering Access Control as well,” said Thomas, the spokesperson for CCTV Kansas City. “We will now also be able to integrate our Security Cameras with access control systems, so they work in tandem. While physical keys can fall into the wrong hands and be easily manipulated, copied, and distributed, such is rarely the case when keys come in an electronic form. Electronic keys can be duplicated, but such an instance, requires lots of knowledge, skills, and sophistication, making cases of electronic duplication much harder to achieve and much more rare of an occurrence, offering your home or business an extra layer of protection.”

With Access Control, business and homeowners will never have to worry about losing their key. Access control requires no physical key, and there is no longer any need to worry about carrying multiple keys around or remembering multiple codes. Each individual’s code is individualized by the user, not by a door so that the same key code will grant one access anywhere they need it. If one is operating a business, providing new employees with a key is as simple as programming them a new key code. Access control allows one to minimize their exposure to risk by never granting more access than is absolutely required for each specific user and in any given situation.

With access control, individuals can quickly and easily set user-level controls by either specific location or time. It allows one to give employees access to the company building between working hours if they so wish or past working hours with limited access to certain areas within the premises. Access control can not only do this, but it makes it easy too. Easily one of the most convenient benefits of access control is that the system can easily allow one to “buzz in” individuals when they aren’t there to do so themselves. No matter where the property owner is, with access control they can provide access to their residential or commercial residence remotely. This allows them to always know who is coming and going at all times.

Access control allows for history logging. It provides added security and greater peace of mind. Every time access is granted to a property it is logged and recorded for later review, if necessary. This feature of access control is absolutely invaluable during investigations of vandalism or theft, or even for simply tracking the activities of suspicious employees or family members that one would want to keep an eye on. CCTV Kansas City,, aims at making sure that their client’s property are well protected and monitored at all times. For more information, contact them with any of the below-listed information.

CCTV Kansas City is located at 12641 Antioch Road in Overland Park, KS (66213).

The company can be contacted via phone at 913-725-8305 or at their website

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Company Name: CCTV Kansas City
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