Creative Peptides Added a New Branch of Peptides for Diabetes Researches

“Creative Peptides”
Following introducing chelate peptides and Alzheimer’s peptides, Creative Peptides recently added diabetes peptides as a new area to boost the applications of peptides in pharmaceuticals and about eight exact types of peptides are contained under this branch.

With the emergency of finding effective treatment solutions for diabetes, various researches are being conducted. Peptides as novel pharmaceutical candidates come into the sight of scientists and studies showed the feasibility brought by them.

The approved effective peptides in scientific studies include Glucagon-like peptide-1, insulin therapies, pramlintide, etc. Most of them have already put into clinical applications, however, they are more needed to be probed for better medical effect, even cure.

Attached below is the full list of the peptides covered in this category:

Amylins (IAPP) and Fragments

Chromogranin A/ Pancreastatin

Exendins and Fragments

Gastric Inhibitory Polypeptide and Fragments

Ghrelin Peptides

Glucagons and Glucagon-Like Peptides (GLP-1 / GLP-2)

Insulin C-Peptides

Insulin-Like Growth Factors (IGF), Fragments & Related Peptides

On the base of present research areas, more will be added gradually like cancer as peptides are in an irreversible trend to be studied for better pharmaceutical alternatives, especially after the recognition and wide applications of peptides like cell-penetrating peptides, which can cross through cell membrane and play as drug loader or directly as drugs.

Moreover, with the appearance of advanced synthesis technologies, it’s getting easier and cheaper to synthesize peptides with complicated structures.

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