Maxxlife Helping Seniors In Canada With Many Insurance Solutions

Services Include Brokerage Help For Trips, Visas and More

February 17, 2017 – Maxxlife Financial Inc. is currently promoting a number of insurance brokerage services for seniors in Canada or those aiming to visit Canada. Maxxlife is working with many of the top insurance providers in the country to help people get the most out of their policies.

All policies are available through many partners that Maxxlife has teamed up with. These include such groups as Travelance, GMs, Allianz and Blue Cross.

The Super Visa Insurance service is designed for helping people visiting Canada to receive proper health insurance support. The Super Visa is a plan where a person aiming to visit Canada and is the parent or grandparent of a permanent resident of the country can enter into the country and receive support from the Canadian healthcare system. Proper medical insurance coverage is required for at least a year with $100,000 or more of coverage.

Maxxlife will provide applicants with help for getting access to medical services. This includes comparing different insurance providers to find the best deals including for options that are available for around $800. All premiums are refunded in full in the event that a visa is refused.

Maxxlife also has a life insurance service. The insurance policies that Maxxlife finds for its clients are tax-free and will pay out to beneficiaries that an applicant chooses. Life insurance will not form any part of one’s estate either.

The life insurance policies available will help with protecting a person’s loved ones. A client can contact Maxxlife for information on the terms needed in one’s application. Term and permanent insurance policies are available. Non-medical options are also included. A person may save up to 30 percent off of what others are providing.

The Snowbird Travel Insurance plan is the third brokerage service Maxxlife has for seniors. This provides them with travel insurance as they head from Canada to warmer places in the winter. Maxxlife has coverage for those looking to travel to the United States or other countries with insurance that operates on a daily or yearly basis among other periods.

Services that may be covered in Snowbird plans include emergency medical care coverage and coverage for medical follow-ups in Canada. Trip interruption and cancellation plans are also available. The policies available are good for up to $5 million in coverage and are good for travel throughout the world. Pre-existing conditions may also be covered although proper identification and reporting may be required.

About the company:

Maxxlife Financial Inc is an insurance broker company which offers policies for life insurance, health insurance and other services for people in Canada. Maxxlife focuses predominantly on the senior market. It operates as a broker that includes policies from many companies including RBC, Industrial Alliance and Manulife.

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