HealthInsurance-Quotes Offers One-Stop Resource for Insurance Quotes

Rick Roach, owner of Health of America Insurance Agency, announced that U.S. residents across the nation can obtain health insurance quotes to fit their individual needs, budget and lifestyle in just five easy steps online with HealthInsurance-Quotes. The firm offers a one-stop solution designed to save individuals time, money and effort.

“ has been providing fast, friendly, free health and medical insurance quotes for persons in all states for over 20 years,” said Roach.

Based on the information provided by the individual, HealthInsurance-Quotes matches people with insurers that provide affordable health insurance quotes at no cost, allowing insurance shoppers to compare options and costs at their leisure to find the best plan that meets their requirements. There’s no need for time consuming searches, visits to multiple websites, or entering the same information over and over.

HealthInsurance-Quotes has partnered with well-established and trusted insurance agencies across the nation to help individuals locate affordable health and medical insurance coverage. Insurance plans are available for individuals and families, dependents or children, students, COBRA replacement, and those who are self-employed. Assistance and quotes are available for people seeking Medicare Advantage plans, Medigap coverage, Medicare supplement plans, and Medicare Part D for prescription drug coverage.

Health insurance is a requirement in the U.S., but policies can vary significantly across the nation and be difficult to understand. HealthInsurance-Quotes provides affordable health insurance quotes online, enabling individuals to make informed decisions about their health and medical insurance coverage.

Individuals will want to compare prices and coverage, but deductibles and co-pays are also important factors. Some insurers have a specific network of providers with which they work, while others allow policy holders to use any medical professional, facility or pharmacy they want without restriction.

Many insurance providers have multiple levels of coverage, but the Affordable Care Act mandates that all insurance policies offer a core group of services, benefits, cover pre-existing conditions, and provide free preventative services. Individuals will want to factor in their age, physical condition and health, and the services they will expect to use when reviewing available health insurance quotes.

HealthInsurance-Quotes provides individuals across the nation with free health insurance quotes that can be accessed from the comfort of home. The affordable health insurance quotes online offers a one-stop resource for locating the best low-cost insurance coverage available from major insurers.

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