Isola Di Pace Massage in Fairfax, VA Offers a Luxurious Environment that Emphasizes Positive Rapport between Clients and Therapists

The residents of Fairfax, VA can enjoy relaxing and therapeutic massages in a low stress, luxurious environment at Isola Di Pace Massage. Isola Di Pace Massage is owned and operated by Julie and Frances Kennedy, longtime veterans of the massage therapy profession. Having worked for more than seven years in various massage clinics, Julie has learned that clients respond most positively to therapists who are keenly interested in improving their health and wellbeing.  Which is why she has established Isola Di Pace Massage to foster enduring, uplifting relationships with clients as well as with therapists.

Julie and Frances have founded Isola Di Pace Massage as a stark contrast in philosophy from other massage organizations.  Instead of treating clients like an object on an assembly line like many large chain massage groups, Isola Di Pace Massage prides itself on valuing each client and building a lasting relationship. From their experience, Julie and Frances know that this type of long term relationship can only be created if therapists are professionally fulfilled and committed to the clinic, which is why they carefully screen their employees and work tirelessly to ensure they are happy working at Isola Di Pace Massage. And unlike many of the major massage chains, Isola Di Pace Massage offers child care for clients.

Like many small businesses which emphasize quality over revenue, Isola Di Pace Massage has yet to find the customers it deserves. In order to broaden its visibility, Isola Di Pace Massage has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to raise $150,000.  In return for your pledge, you may receive valuable perks like water bottles, swag bags, and spa parties. To learn more about Isola Di Pace Massage or to make a financial contribution, please visit

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