Wallpapersupplier.net Vinyl Wallcovering Products Are Suitable for Commercial Applications

Wallpapersupplier.net, a reputable supplier of elegant and low-cost wallpapers, recently launched their vinyl wallcovering products for commercial applications.

Wallpapersupplier.net, a reputable supplier and manufacturer of home and office wallpapers, recently launched vinyl wallcovering products for commercial applications. The vinyl wall covering products are specifically designed for lobbies, bars, and restaurants. The owners of Wallpapersupplier.net claimed that these products are primarily made of resin white plasticizers with PVC base, pigments, stabilizers and additives. They also added that the vinyl wallcovering products which they sell now are also suitable for kitchen splashboards and other areas of homes and offices that get heavy traffic every day and are also exposed to dust and oil.

The owners of the manufacturing and supplying company claimed that installation of tree wallpaper, wall covering panels and other sorts of creative yet low-cost and durable wall covering products results usually in less seems and the wastage is also minimal compared to traditional wallpapers. They added that they are now offering wallpapers and wall covering products for different types of surface texture. According to them, the vinyl wallcovering products that they have launched are cleaner and most cost-effective alternatives to painting commercial spaces.

“The biggest benefit of these products is that they can be cleaned quite easily. Users can only use mild soaps and warm water to clean up the soil and dust that may build up. Also, this kind of wallpapers can be cleaned using a lint free clothing which can produce a blotting action,” said a sales manager if Wallpapersupplier.net.

“Our tree wallpaper and other types of wallpapers are primarily designed for the residential or low-traffic applications. However, when it comes to decking up commercial spaces, we highly recommend the vinyl wallcovering products and fabric wall covering products, which are specifically designed for the commercial spaces,” added the sales manager. He said that the products are suitable for accent walls which can be seen in different types of commercial spaces such as lounges, bars, restaurants, small and big offices, and reception areas and so on.

Wallpapersupplier.net has now set up a special customer support team to answer and resolve queries of their potential customers regarding wallpapers and wall covering products. The supplier now also accepts and delivers orders that are placed through their website.

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