About Economy and Sustenance: Judaism, Society and Economics by Aharon Ariel Lavi

“About Economy and Sustenance: Judaism, Society and Economics”
The economic forces are among the strongest forces at play in human society. In every purchase, sale, commercial viewed and even in the reading of these lines lies an economic activity that shapes the face of society.

This book aims to discover the contribution of the Jewish cultural world to economic thought and to understanding the structure of society.

The book ‘About Economy and Sustenance’ is an anthology of articles written by different authors.

Aharon Ariel Lavi details the contributions of the Jewish cultural world to economic thought and societal structure in About Economy and Sustenance: Judaism, Society and Economics

Aharon Ariel Lavi does a unique compilation of articles and writings answering the questions that surround Judaism and reality in his book, About Economy and Sustenance: Judaism, Society and Economics

Aharon Ariel Lavi recently announced the launch of his book, About Economy and Sustenance: Judaism, Society and Economics, where he compiled different articles written by world-renowned authors on the subject of Judaism and the Jewish cultural impact on world economies and structure of the society.

Economic forces have significant impact on the human society and the Jewish culture has it has gone a long way to influence the way people transact business in countries and cultures across the globe. The book aims to examine the different economies and cultures of the world, in a bid to establish the influence of the Jewish culture on these subjects.

The book touches subjects like property, efficiency and trade. It also tries to explain how these concepts dictate the relations between man and material, man and man, and man and God and how economic decisions are made.

The book has already received editorial reviews from different quarters including Prof. Gabriel Handler of Tel Aviv University who said, “The need to put forward original, yet rooted in tradition, Jewish economic thought in relationship to current scientific economic theory has become more and more clear to me during decades of academic work. ‘On Economy and Sustenance’, with its broad array of ideas and contributors, does exactly that in a profound way. It should be considered a foundational work in this field.”

Rabbi Mark Gottlieb, Senior Director, The Tikvah Fundalso said, “Brenner and Lavi bring together an eclectic and intellectually engaging selection of essays on the encounter between Jewish thought and economic life. These theologically constructive explorations of a heretofore neglected nexus make important contributions on both methodological and substantive levels. In an era looking for practical and existential approaches out of the modern mess made by extreme forms of capitalism and collectivism, this thought-provoking anthology may hold out hope for another way forward.”


Reviews from the book cover include that of Nigel Savage, Hazon, where he said, “Aharon Ariel Lavi is an important new voice in the Jewish world… His critique of the world we live in, and his suggestions for how we should live, are profound. An important new voice, and an important new book.”

The book is available on Amazon in the Politics & Social Sciences category.Lavi has travelled across the United States and Canada, delivering lectures on the subject and hopes to continue educating the world on the influence of the Jewish culture on societal structure and world economies.

Aharon Ariel Lavi can be reached on laoril@contentonow.com for more information on how his lectures can be ordered.

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