New Technologies That Are Changing the Face of the HVAC Industry

When you hear the word ‘new technology’, the first few things that come to people’s mind are computers, cell phones, and other gadgets. However, there are several other areas in our daily lives, which are quickly changing and improving through modern technologies. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) is one such area experiencing new cost-efficient and convenient technological advancements.

From smart controls to self-diagnosing systems, new technologies in the field are driving swift growth of this industry. Such technologies along with the ever-changing energy standards are resulting in more advanced HVAC systems.

Talking about if these latest innovative HVAC technologies are realty worth the money, a leading HVAC industry expert said – “Higher-efficiency HVAC equipment is worth the investment since it can pay for itself over time in terms of utility savings. For instance, a Wi-Fi thermostat may seem to be more of a luxury product, though it can be valuable for those who often tend to be out of town. Companies like are offering advanced HVAC systems with incredible technologies. It’s for good that such revolutionary technologies are taking the world by storm.”

Here’s a list of some of the latest HVAC advancements that have been favoring the world.

Thermally Driven Air Conditioning

This is one advanced design that has been catching up recently, though it’s still not that widespread. A thermally driven air conditioning unit makes use of solar energy and can be supplemented using natural gas, which makes it a very effective and efficient system.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

This might not sound to be a new technology for many, but still they haven’t actually caught up till recently. With the increase in awareness about going green, these pumps have started growing in terms of popularity of late.

Smart Homes

With everything in our homes getting smarter, it’s quite natural that the next stop would be smart homes. Phone apps and connected systems let people control their home’s HVAC system by simply pushing a virtual button. This technology has changed the way in which HVAC designers and engineers approach the next big thing.

Sensor-Enhanced Ventilation

By integrating vents driven by sensors, it is possible to replace the existing wall, ceiling or floor vents of a home. The best part is that a mobile app can be used for controlling the room temperature. Such HVAC systems make use of sensors for monitoring the air pressure, temperature, and other factors that affect indoor air quality at home. This is a new technology that has already hit the market.

There are still many more HVAC technologies that are on the drawing board. For now, you can find out from your HVAC contractor about these or anything that is latest to benefit from it.

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