Mengfang Yang: One of China’s Most Promising Filmmakers Shines in Hollywood

Born in China, Mengfang Yang came to the U.S.A. and quickly established herself as one of the key names in Hollywood’s highly competitive film industry.

China is not well known for its blockbuster productions in the film and cinema industry, so many talented filmmakers who are looking to establish themselves in the movie business know Hollywood is the place to be.  Mengfang Yang did just that, immigrating to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams, and Hollywood has taken notice of this inspiring director and editor.

Yang started filming professionally in China even before she earned her BA degree in Television and Broadcasting.  By the time she graduated, she was already a much sought after talent in the movie industry for her unique skills in editing and directing. So, it made sense to be where the magic happens every day by moving to the movie capital of the world.  “I knew what I wanted to do, and I knew where I had to be to do it,” said Yang. “So, I came to Hollywood to broaden my work and make new contacts within the movie industry.”

Yang had no lack of opportunities following her arrival to Los Angeles.  As an editor, she worked with When it Rains director Migdia Chinea, a Cannes Film Festival nominated filmmaker. Her next project, Baker’s Man, will begin streaming on Amazon and iTunes in April.

“So many directors and editors come to Hollywood to start their film careers, and it is very competitive,” said Yang. “Fortunately my background and portfolio was impressive enough that I found work quickly.”

Yang is not alone in her success abroad. Foreign born directors such as Alfonso Cuaron (Gravity) from Mexico, and Steve McQueen, the British filmmaker behind 12 Years a Slave, have found enormous success in the film production industry.  In fact, over the past 20 years, more than a dozen winners of the best director Academy Award have been from outside the United States.  Likewise, Mengfang Yang has already had several pieces that have received excellent reviews in film festivals.  Hero for a Day won an award at the Largo Film AwardsNot So Union, featuring Michael Steger, was an official selection for the Hollywood Comedy shorts. The Wrights, featuring Ted Danson, was in the spotlight at the Omaha Film Festival and the Culver City Film Festival.

Currently, Mengfang Yang is working on the highly anticipated feature film, Atone.  Meanwhile, she is expanding her professional contacts with Hollywood’s best writers, directors and casting agencies.  Yang is always interested in meeting new innovative producers, writers and actors in the film business. 

It will be exciting to watch Yang’s meteoric rise to the top, and see what comes next for this young and extraordinary filmmaker.

About Mengfang Yang:

Mengfang Yang is an established, award winning director and editor based in Los Angeles, California. She began filming professionally during her undergrad school in China where she earned a BA degree in TV and Broadcasting directing. Yang continued her studies at Loyola Marymount University where she earned her MFA in Film & TV Production.




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