New Delhiñ Uttar Pradesh’s political landscape has always been one full or surprise twists and turns. But the strangest twist may be yet to come. According to well -onnected sources, discussions are already underway for a post-election alliance between Akhilesh Yadav’s Samajwadi party or SP, and the ruling BJP or Bharatiya Janata Party. This election is likely to result in a hung legislature where no party has an absolute majority. The SP has been greatly weakened by the ongoing tussle between Mulayam Singh and his son Akhilesh. Akhilesh is widely viewed as being secretly sympathetic to the BJP, and has notably been soft in dealing with BJP rioters and lynch mobs in Dadri and other places. The BJP is also calculating that a temporary alliance with the SP will lead to lot of Yadava voters joining the BJP eventually leading to the SP becoming weakened. The BJP has already tested his maneuver successfully in Maharashtra where its partner the Shiv Sena has been reduced to a mere skeleton of its former aggressive self.

Once a post-election alliance is announced between the BJP and SP, it is likely that the BJP will want the home portfolio, apparently to deal with the restive Muslims and Jats effectively. It is no secret that the Jat agitation in western UP and Haryana has had the support of China and its surrogate agencies and there has even been whispers of a demand for a separate Jat nation, Jatstan with Mr Malik as Prime Minister. All this has made the BJP jittery enough to go for a post poll allliance with the Samajwadi Party, which it regards as the lesser of two evils, the other evil being the BSP. Rahul Gandhi’s Congress party is a non-player in Uttar Pradesh. The Congress Party is currently nothing more than an ancient historial artifact in UP, and is expected to win less than 5 seats statewide. Given this truth, Akhilesh Yadav won’t hesitate even for a moment to kick Rahul to the footpath and embrace the Sangh Parivar. Already RSS shakas have received orders from Nagpur to help Akhilesh Yadav. The RSS has assessed Akhilesh as a young, inexperienced and weak leader who will not be able to stand up to their cadre, unlike the aging ex-wrestler Mulayam who was secular, tough and astute.

Once there is an alliance between the SP and BJP in Uttar Pradesh after the assembly election, they will together decimate all other political organizations in Uttar Pradesh. Modi’s support will bring much needed central funds to Akhilesh. Even though he considers it as the ‘deal with the devil’, he also understands the benefits of the alliance. Besides this move will bring total immunity against any income tax investigations against the family. The BJP has been using the Income Tax department as a sword against political opponents all over the country, the latest victim being the leader of the AIADMK in Tamil Nadu.

There are reports of secret meetings between the Nagpur representatives and SP’s top leaders, and it is expected that the grand BJP-SP alliance will be announced the day after the #UPElection results are out.

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