Florida Charter Captain Invents Holding Device for Smartphones

Fort Myers Beach, Florida – Sailing out to sea can be a joyous experience for many, except for those who don’t know how to hold onto their cell phones tightly. All it takes is to lose their balance and drop their phone. One Florida charter captain decided to do something about it.

Captain Paul West has been taking guests out onto the waters off Fort Myers Beach for years. A common occurrence, he’d see happen, is his guests dropping their cell phones. Most people use what West calls, “The tip of the finger grip” which is not a good way to protect a phone from being dropped.

West had the idea of distributing wrist straps, to his guests but then quickly discovered that these straps did not exist. That’s when he had a dream. The idea of a cell phone holder that uses the phone and case people already have. No glues or tapes and holds the phone to the hand.

West spent the next three and a half years, as well as tens of thousands of dollars, developing his invention. After twenty plus versions, he had a patent in his hand and a dream of giving people the chance to experience what his holder could do for them.

The next step was to create a sustainable business. Believing in the three “P” principle, People, Planet and Profit, he partnered up with Living Out of the Box. Giving back has to be a part of our business plan.

“The device I created is simple. It just slips on and off your cell phone,” West said. “There are two sizes available which will fit most cell phones, with or without cases. Slip it on. Put your two fingers through the straps on the back of the phone. The phone is now securely attached to your fingers. The ultra-clear, flexible, touch sensitive lens maintains all of your screen functions.”

The invention has been named “CellGrasp™” and it even has its own website at CellGrasp.com. According to the information on the website, the CellGrasp™ can improve a user’s pictures, videos, and selfies by keeping their cell phone securely in their hand with very little shaking. Now people can concentrate on the content, not the grip. Better quality, instantly.

Studies show 23% of cell phone users have cracked screens. Most people drop their phones. It is no surprise that people are starting to take notice of CellGrasp™.

“I created CellGrasp™ for people on my vessel,” West claimed. “It’s now becoming a tool for extreme sports enthusiasts, boaters, beach goers, and people from all walks of life.”

West operates a one-man operation for his business. He is an inventor, creator, developer, marketer, manufacturer, and distributor of his own product.  This is a story of passion, persistence and joy.

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