‘Fake News’ Confusing Global Climate Change Answered

PRINCETON, NJ – 20 Feb, 2017 – The confusion regarding Global Climate Change is intentional and designed to keep the reader/listener in a state of bewilderment and thus, inaction.  The reports of fraud and so on are unlikely.  However, Global Climate Change is NOT measure or monitored via air and/or water temperature, but by the recession of fresh water ice.  99% of the Earth’s freshwater ice is held in Greenland and Antarctica combined.  At this time, somewhere between 30 to 50% of the Earth’s freshwater ice has permanantly receded into liquid water.  In the North Atlantic, 40% of the ice is gone, permanantly.  World-wide, about half of the glacial ice has permantly disapeared.  

The reason the air and water temperatures appear to be chaotic is because the melting of this freshwater ice affects the Earth’s Thermohaline System.  The Gulf Stream, is an example of this.  The water heats in the gulf, carries warm current and air North to the UK, then sinks thousands of meters and takes DECADES at that depth and high pressure to make it back to the gulf.  Thus there is a 30 year lag.  Since salt water is more dense than fresh water, it will slip under the fresh water to cooler regions, making the air temp seem artificially cool for a breif time.  This is the source of the confusion.  Ultimately, the Thermohaline System fails, as it did 650 million yars ago, and the planet will freeze over like Europa, a Global Extinction, NOT an Inconvenient Truth where you have to pull your beach chairs back a few meters.

Most importantly, carbon dioxide is NOT the problem, accounts for 1% of the issue, methane and nitrous oxide from animal agriculture are the problem.  If we stopped all carbon dioxide emmission today, it would take 1,000 years to clear, and that is only 1%.  The methan and nitrous oxide will clear in a decade and make up 99% of the problem.  

The air and water temp are at this time chaotic because the Global Ice is at a critical point of being half melted.  The details, the math, what can be salvaged, and so on are described in a short text, ‘Snowbal Earth,’ on Amazon.  

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