Help Improve the Lives of Trucking Professionals

There are almost 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States, with many of these highly trained and experienced professionals performing a critical role in maintaining everyday supplies for American families.  Unfortunately, the majority of these long haul truckers are forced to live unhealthy lifestyles that consist of fast food, long periods of minimal physical activity and disrupted sleep schedules.

However, there is a growing movement within the industry to change this led by Andrew Bork and his entrepreneurial team.  Bork is currently working with a team of veteran truck drivers who are committed to improving the health of their colleagues by creating a revolutionary new type of company that prioritizes the long term wellbeing of their employees. With more than 80 years of combined experience in the transportation industry, Bork and his management team are confident that their new enterprise will not only be highly profitable, but will inspire a cultural change in the industry.

Andrew Bork and his associates are currently seeking financial backers through their Indiegogo fundraising campaign.  In return for your generous financial support, you may receive valuable perks like a picture of a four-wheeler, “Truckers Lives Matter” T-shirt, or a “Truckers Lives Matter” thermos.  For investors willing to contribute $5,000 or more, they will be awarded an ownership stake in the new company. 

To learn more about Andrew Bork’s trucking company or to make a donation to this historic project, please visit

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