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The chocolate-covered bacon comes in a convenient counter top box with 16 slices and the shelf life is 5 months.
Yes, we said it… chocolate covered bacon. The blending of the sweet and the salty is unbelievable.

We enrobe the thick, applewood smoked bacon in fine dark chocolate. It is then vacuum-sealed for a 5 month shelf life. After one bite your customers will become addicted!

You have heard that “bacon” is the craze with chefs and consumers alike! Well, Genesee Candy Land in Golden, CO has taken it one step further and created CHOCOLATE-COVERED BACON!

Genesee Candy Land is both a retail store and food manufacturer/wholesaler off Interstate 70 in Golden, CO. It is a woman-owned business run by Lorri Alden. “In the retail store there are 30 flavors of fudge, chocolates, truffles, nut clusters, and much more. Over the years we have dipped almost everything in chocolate – Twinkies ™, Oreos ™, pretzels, marshmellows, jalapeno peppers, potato chips to name just a few. One day we tried bacon and it has been a hit ever since,” says Alden.

They start with applewood-smoked bacon that gets your mouth watering as soon as the package is opened and you can smell it. It is then enrobed in fine dark chocolate. “When someone sees the chocolate enrobing machine for the first time, they ask if they can run their body through it and be enrobed in chocolate,” Lorri shared with us laughingly. The bacon has the finishing touch of being drizzled in white chocolate – because you can never have enough chocolate! It is then packaged in a vacuum-sealed bag for freshness and shipped to all of us.

Lorri Alden has a long business background and yet, is new to the food manufacturing and wholesale world. She worked in corporate America for 26 years in a variety of national and international corporations working her way up the sales and marketing ladder. Lorri then let her family’s entrepreneurial roots take over and started several businesses. “I come from a long line of entrepreneurs. My great, great, great grandfather started a dairy in Scotland and moved it to Lowell, Massachusetts. My fondest memories are going to the dairy with my father and grandfather on Saturday mornings. Unfortunately, I was not old enough to help my grandfather’s dairy survive when the regional dairies squeezed the small operations out.” said Alden. “Then I met my husband, Bill, who owned two convenience stores and a liquor store. So I entered the world of business ownership again.”

Four years ago they opened Genesee Candy Land inside Genesee Country Store, a convenience store on I-70 in Golden, CO. Many customers stop in the store on the way to the Rocky Mountains – for summer and winter activities. “Many business owners stop for snacks on their way to the mountains with their families and friends. They would see our amazing display case of goodies and ask if they could sell them in their stores. After saying no a dozen times, I asked myself if there was a missed opportunity here. After reflecting upon it, doing research, consulting experts, and conducting a self-audit to determine if I had it in me to do it one more time…. the wholesale business was born,” Lorri said.

The chocolate-covered bacon is sold in their retail store, on their website ( and through their wholesale company. Their current wholesale customers include: convenience stores, coffee shops, book stores, gift basket companies, florists, liquor stores, and more. So you may be seeing it in your local neighborhood soon.

Please contact:

Lorri Alden
Genesee Candy Land LLC
25948 Genesee Trail Road, Unit L
Golden, CO 80401

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