Voyage Retirement Solutions Evening of Excellence

Voyage Retirement Solutions is an independent retirement planning firm based in Orlando, Florida. We service individual, families, and public servant’s retirement needs.

On Friday, January 6th, Voyage Retirement Solutions, an independent retirement planning firm based in Orlando, Florida, hosted financial professionals for a night filled with fun, laughter, tears, and inspiration at their annual Evening of Excellence. “This is an opportunity to celebrate all of the previous year’s successes, from the personal victories to our victories in defeat. There are lessons to be learned at every turn, and it’s up to us to grow from those experiences so we can better help the clients that trust us to plan for their financial future,” says Daniel Rey, President and Founder of Voyage Retirement Solutions. He continues “we often hear the stories of the few rotten apples within our industry that shed unflattering light on the rest of us. I believe there are financial professionals that truly work towards assisting hard-working Americans in achieving their financial and retirement goals with a high level of integrity. Many of those upstanding representatives are here this evening.”

Over the years, Voyage Retirement Solutions and their representatives have helped thousands of individuals and families save and plan for their retirement and overall financial affairs. These days, that can cover a broad spectrum, from income and tax planning, to helping people establish a legacy and longevity plan. If you are a member of the Florida Retirement System (F.R.S.) you most likely have seen a Voyage team member assisting one of your colleagues with their DROP, Investment, 403(b), or 457 plans. In whatever form or fashion, you’ve become acquainted with Voyage, it is a pleasant thought to know the folks that make up this focused firm, believe in their slogan, “guidance with integrity, a journey with confidence.” “It is hard to offer the option you believe to be best, when you are limited as to the options you can offer. Therefore, we choose to be independent representatives that are not pigeonholed to options that benefit a firm, but rather benefit the clients we serve. Couple that with the thorough understanding of employer retirement benefits, and you have a recipe built for success.” – Daniel Rey 

This “Evening of Excellence” was held at Cubre Libre in Orlando, Florida, a very impressive venue with an authentic vibe. As impressive as the detail in this facility is, what really seemed to catch the eye was the excitement and joy found in these financial representatives. Their conversations consisted of shared experiences of helping their clients better grasp their financial affairs. As the Voyage representatives discussed their clients, it was easy to make an assumption that the discussions were about family members, or long time close friends. 

The night began with a breaking news segment announcing access to Voyage Retirement Solutions’ exclusive event. As the evening progressed, we were pleasantly entertained by the chemistry of the Voyage team. Christopher Chosy, the Director of Operations and Marketing, assumed his alter ego, Chris Choosie, as the on-the-ground reporter. We also got to hear a few words from the Director of Impressions, Courtney Casey and the representatives awarded that evening.

From the heartfelt words spoken to the audience by Daniel Rey to the acceptance speeches by the Voyage representatives, it was a rather moving and impressive experience. For a group to be so focused on helping others, and determined to do so while maintaining a high level of integrity is rather comforting. The “2017 Evening of Excellence” certainly lived up to its name.

“Excellence requires that you always strive to better yourself, your understanding, and your ability to help others attain an improved quality of life.” – Daniel Rey.

Whether you are a financial advisor looking to partner up with the firm that supports an independent approach to serving your clients, or someone serious about planning for your Financial future, Voyage Retirement Solutions may be a great option for you to explore.

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