D.O. Interprises launches Do-Mist aromatherapy essential oil diffuser for healthy living

Product designed to help users fight stress depression and anxiety by humidifying the air and adding a clean, fresh scent

D.O. Interprises announced the launch of Do-Mist Aromatherapy Essential oil diffuser. The product helps humidify the dry air in the room, thereby eliminating the feeling of stress, restlessness, irritation and tiredness.  Do-Mist supplies comfort and instant soothing, it is quiet and compact, fights dryness, sinuses and can be used with or without oil. Do-Mist is an essential product that transforms the room or any other environment into a feeling of heaven, to help reduce anxiety, depression, stress, and boost energy and immune system. The product is available for purchase today  on Amazon.com.

“We are as healthy as the environment in which we reside. At D.O. Interprises, we decided to offer the world something that makes them look forward to getting home. Do-Mist is an aromatherapy diffuser that also works as a humidifier. We want people to be able to solve their health problems through simple applications that are inexpensive, compact, and yet highly efficient,” said a company representative.

Do-Mist aromatherapy comes with a whole lot of features that ensure consumers get all the health benefits it offers. It comes in an attractive wood grain design that keeps it quiet and makes it perfect for any settings. Do-Mist works both as a humidifier to combat climate, and as a diffuser where users can add their favorite essential oil to leave the room with fresh and clean scent.

“Great Diffuser! I have to admit that we have not tried other diffusers, but with this one, we feel like we don’t have to. It is easy to set up, and It works great with or without the oil. At first, we set it up in our room; now we have it near the dining table. The light up feature with multiple colors is a nice touch. We love it,” said Saul B, a customer.

Do-mist provides significant health benefits to help fight stress, depression, anxiety, pain and boost immunity. It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that offers no questions asked, hassle free returns.

About D.O. Interprises

D.O. Interprises is a California-based company that designs and distributes quality health products. The company’s mission is to help people find simple and inexpensive solutions for their health challenges.

For more information, please contact 408-658-0890, help@do-mist.com, www.do-mist.com

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