Major Drilling Group International Inc. gets entangled in child kidnapping and child torture case

“Arrested fifteen different times for violent crimes, Jonathan Link Tedrick (who works for Major Drilling International Inc. has recently been involved in another major criminal act of helping his illegal immigrant Filipina girlfrien”
Canadian drilling service giant, Major Drilling Group International Inc., ( allegedly sponsors employee Jonathan Link Tedrick to commit abduction and torture of 8-year old German boy

Major Drilling Group International Inc, through their employee, Jonathan Link Tedrick has been alleged to support the crime of child kidnapping and psychological child torture of a minor – Duke Sean Schurmann. The 8-year old German boy has been wrongfully retained in the USA by his illegal immigrant mother Jubilie Anqui and her criminal boyfriend, Jonathan Link Tedrick, an employee of Major Drilling.

Jonathan Tedrick has been aiding and abetting his girlfriend, Jubilie Anqui, the illegal immigrant mother of Duke Sean Schurmann, after the boy forcefully and illegally abducted from his father. The illegal Philipino immigrant has since been reported to be residing in Sandy Utah, with a bounty of $10,000 issued on whoever has reliable information on the whereabout of Duke Sean.

Jonathan Link Tedrick has been largely involved in the criminal act of not just sponsoring Jubilie Anqui financially but has also gone ahead to harbor the criminal mother and the 8-year old victim. Tedrick also commits the crime of trafficking an illegal child across state lines and subsequently putting American lives and that of a minor at risk.

Tedrick has already been arrested 15 different times for violent crimes, further establishing the urgent need to immediately free Duke Sean from his presence and that of his illegal immigrant girlfriend, Jubilie Anqui.

Major Drilling Group International’s involvement in child kidnapping and psychological, emotional and mental torture of Duke Sean is through the support of one of their employees who is the financial kingpin of the syndicate group is, therefore, appalling and requires the urgent attention of necessary authorities. This is to ensure that this criminal act is brought to an end, and other citizens and residents of the United States are safe.

This act further reiterates the United States’ President, Donald Trump’s call to send illegal immigrants back to their countries and ensure the US is once again safe for everyone.

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