OE Mortgage is a Loan Broker in Ontario Who Makes Owning a Home Affordable

Nothing gets the point across faster than going through an experience and learning how complicated it is for lots of other people. That was Ovsichtcher Egor’s motivation for founding OE Mortgage (http://www.oemortgage.ca/) where he serves as a loan broker in Ontario, and the reason that he still strives to provide top service to every client who turns to him for solutions.

Buying a home is one of the most difficult things most people ever do. Just selecting the right property can be an overwhelming task. Once the right house is found and the price has been agreed on, the next step is getting the financing needed to cover the cost. This is the part of the process that can make or break a deal and which will determine the final amount that the buyer will end up paying. Lower rates mean lower payments and a lower cost overall. But shopping for low rates can be frustrating and time consuming.

Why Working with a Mortgage Broker Is Better

Some new home buyers want to find their own lender so they don’t have to pay a broker. The fact is that working with a loan broker in Ontario will cost only a small amount more than the value of the loan and it will save much more than that in time and frustration. Getting help finding a loan with a rate that is significant percentage lower will result in a lower payout instead of a higher one.

For many people thinking of financing a new home purchase, dealing directly with the bank sounds more appealing. While this is the traditional method of getting a loan, there are reasons that it is not the best option. Bank lenders benefit by getting larger rates on their loans and they offer borrowers only one option. While a bank lender is limited to what they can offer, a loan broker in Ontario has many resources and knows where to find the best rates and terms for the individual.

About OE Mortgage

OE Mortgage (http://www.oemortgage.ca/) is a company founded by Ovsichtcher Egor, a licensed mortgage broker in Ontario under Silver Line Mortgage Group. The company was founded as a means to make it easy for new home buyers to shop for mortgage rates. Egor chose the mortgage industry because he saw the need for professionals who strive to uphold the integrity of the mortgage industry. He believes it should be affordable for people to own a home and that they shouldn’t have to go through the hassle of dealing with agents who keep raising the price.

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