Illustra Distribution Inks a Deal with Adriane ”The Journey”

Illustra Distribution inks a Major Deal with Adriane and announces plans to release her single in the fall.

“I am very excited about the opportunity to be part of a great company like Illustra Distribution” said Adriane.

“I knew from the moment that i heard her sing she was a star” said Anthony Thomas (Illustra Distribution).

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About Illustra Distribution

Illustra Distribution is a Major Indie Physical & Digital Distribution Company. We offer Music, Video & Film distribution, Radio Campaigns, P.R. Campaigns, Magazine Publications, Music Monetization, Royalty and Rights Management and Marketing.

About Adriane

I was born Mississippi, the first and only child of my parents. As a young child, I lived in Hawaii before settling down in California in my youth. Music has always been a part of my life. My first memory of singing was at, Springhill Missionary Baptist Church.

I was 3 years old and sang ‘Yes Jesus Loves Me’ solo with piano accompaniment. I still have in my possession a cassette recording of my dad and I, at age 6, singing our favorite songs, while my mother sat by listening and laughing. By age 8, I began to play sax, settling down exclusively to singing upon entering high school.

However, at that time, singing was never part of my life’s dream. I would just sing along with hits while they played on the radio, with my father yelling, “Stop all that racket!” It wasn’t until I graduated UCLA with a B.S. in biology and started teaching high school that I decided to sing with the band at a local church dance. I figured no one would “boo” you at church (smile); That’s when people began to take note that I had talent.

I continued to sing at a local churches, dances, weddings, funerals, talent shows, and small social events. Upon obtaining a D.D.S degree from the UCLA School of Dentistry, I decided to complete a demo package to shop around the industry. Well, I ended up choosing not to follow that path and focused on other areas of my life.

After becoming a wife, a mother, and a few years of “growing up”, it is now time to get out there a sing! Four of my major passions are God, family, community service, and music. As an artist, I am trying to blossom and emerge with songs that reflect my experience and relationship lessons learned thus far. I have a long way to go, but I take on this challenge with my arms wide open. I love music from all types of genres and vocalists.

I have thus attempted to reflect some of these on this current project. I am humbled and blessed to have the opportunity to share my testimony with others. I invite you to share in my life’s journey as I open myself up graciously to your senses. Listen… Hope you enjoy and take something away with you that is memorable and pleasing.

Much Love,


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