A Gamer’s Life Movie soon to be launched for game lovers

Title: A Gamer’s Life Movie
Genres: Documentary
Director: Anthony Daniel, Adam Huffman
Starring: Joshua Gantt, Derrick Robinson, David Walsh, Spencer Martin
Supporting actors: Rachel Quirico, Lindsay Elyse and Zach Wigal

A documentary movie great for kids

Anthony Daniel and Adam Huffman are both the directors of the game, “A Gamer’s Life Movie” and are happy to release this amazing eSports game to the general public, especially to the game lovers. A Gamer’s Life Movie is an eSport documentary game directed in the form of a movie to give you the exciting moment in gaming. This video game documentary will be starring Joshua Gantt, Derrick Robinson, David Walsh, and Spencer Martin, and will be released worldwide. This documentary is being distributed by Gravitas Ventures, who found another gem with this film.

This documentary movie is going to be a great cause according to filmmaker, Anthony Daniel and this is what he has to say: “A lot of places will die for a story like this because it’s the totally package about being a young filmmaker and going after your dreams but also giving back to the community I am from. We have a lot of big players in our documentary and also have support from JerkyXP, Redbull, Twitch, and a few more others…. Some of the proceeds from the film will be going to a lot of great causes as well.”

This is what a satisfied customer who recommended this game for kids has to say: “Had the kids over and put this on, they loved it! So much great information about esports and gaming overall.” Amazon Customer

Gaming can be fun hobby, but to others, it can be a way of living. With this video game- A Gamer’s Life Movie, you get the exciting experience of the life of a gamer. Customers who have seen this game have not stopped talking about the awesomeness of it. With wonderful features and graphics to enjoy every bit of the video game.

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