Master feline groomer offer exclusive cat grooming service

Pet owners are guaranteed top-notch service from a certified feline expert

Master Feline Groom, Kim Thomas, announces exclusive cat grooming service for pet owners who want to improve the health and hygiene of their cats. After studying an intensive course on cat grooming and receiving a certificate, Kim has learned the secrets of successfully grooming cats. She established The Mobile Pet Spa in 2016 offering mobile pet grooming service and educating cat owners on the best ways to take care of their furry friend. Kim is the best cat-grooming expert in the area because of her experience, credentials, and reputation.

“Over the course of 2 months, I studied why cats need to be groomed. I learned about shedding, mats, knots, fur balls as well as breeds, colors, health, coats and feline temperament and handling skills. While most groomers are adept at grooming dogs, there is a big difference between dog and cat grooming. I feel empowered and fully capable of handling any cat and giving them back to their owners in the best condition they have ever been,” said Kim Thomas.

After her clients begun to inquire about their cats needing grooming and speaking with an exclusive cat vet, Kim began researching cat grooming. She attended the largest area Groom Expo and met Danelle German, founder of the National Cat Groomers Institute of America. She wanted to learn from the leading cat grooming expert on how to handle cats safely and provide the best groom for the cat and client and started the journey to becoming a Certified Feline Master Groomer. 

“Kim is just the very best when it comes to cat grooming. Before meeting her, my cat grooming knowledge was near zero. My cat had many issues including digestive problems caused by hairballs and challenges with her skin and coat. The knowledge I gained from her is immeasurable, and I can’t think of hiring another cat groomer again, apart from her,” said Linda P, a customer.

Kim’s expertise can be attributed to her many years of experience grooming pets in general and cats in particular. She also believes that pet owners should consider checking the certification, safety, reputation and licensed business documentation before choosing a master feline groomer for cats.

About Kim Thomas

Kim Thomas is a master cat groomer with a thriving business. She attended the National Cat Groomers Institute in Greeneville, SC and became a certified feline master groomer in 2016. She provides exclusive cat grooming service that guarantees good health and happiness for pet owners and their furry friend.

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Company Name: The Mobile Pet Spa LLC
Contact Person: Kimberly Thomas
Phone: 860-231-0494
Country: United States