Kushwaha returning to BSP

20th February, 2017 – Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh – It is a near certainty that within the next 2 years caste based reservations will be completely stopped and banned and abolished all over India. The decision on this has been taken at the highest levels at Nagpur at a top secret meeting attended by the same group that planned and executed Notebandhi. Operation Aarakshanbandhi is going to be even more dramatic. In anticipation of protests, all top ranking officers in the military and police will be replaced by RSS leaning officers.

The powerful Kushwaha community after the brief flirtation with the BJP, is now returning to the BSP fold. The now dissolved love affair with the BJP was  powered largely by the BJP promises that everyone is realizing will never be fulfilled. The Kushwaha are realizing that the RSS-BJP combine will never allow a Kushwaha to be lord it over Thakur Rajputs. The Kushwaha are realizing that it is one thing to be entertained by mythological stories made up by RSS propagandists about the glorious days of the Kushwaha thousands of years back, and an entirely different thing to maintain reservation rights which have been left undisturbed for the last 70 years.

It has become a near certainty that caste based reservations for OBC, SC, Jats, Yadavs and other groups will be completely and entirely abolished within a short time after the Uttar Pradesh elections if the BJP wins the elections. There is strong support in the overseas BJP lobby for totally abolishing caste based reservations. There is plenty of support among Thakurs and other Rajputs and Bhumihars for abolishing reservations altogether. The BJP-RSS leadership has been boldened by the total lack or resistance to Notebandhi. One RSS leader opined that if the Congress Party had brought in notebandhi, the BJP would have fought back with a Quit India Movement to get rid of Sonia and the Congress Party. The Congress party’s sole response to Notebandhi has been a few lame and uninspiring speeches by Rahul Gandhi which has already raised questions about his mental development and ability to lead India’s oldest political party.

Aarakshanbandhi is expected to be implemented with the same speed and efficiency of Notebandhi, in an all-India operation that  will leave other political parties with their mouths open. Given the lack of a strong national leader to counter Narendra Modi, Rajput politicians are sharpening their swords to deal the final mortal blow to caste based reservations. 99% of the Rajput vote is expected to go the BJP this time. Interestingly, the powerful Brahmin community has chosen to support Mayawati’s BSP, given the fact that Mayawati did in fact protect Brahmin interests strongly when she was Chief Minister. Besides the well educated Brahmin community does not need reservations to capture all or most governement jobs. Brahmins are more concerned with law and order and with Mayawati in power Uttar Pradesh will have law and order.

The BSP’s leadership in Punjab had in fact proposed a nation-wide Quit India movement to free India from Modi and the BJP, considering how deeply Notebandhi has destroyed the Indian economy. The last time the Indian economy was hit so badly was when British colonists imposed tax on salt and forced British imports on India. The BJP, ironically enough has taken on the role of a new East India Company according to British commentators.

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