World-Famous Photographer Captures New York In New Light In “Desert In New York”

Paris-based famous photographer Genaro Bardy brings forth a unique take on New York through his exclusive captures of deserted NY City streets in his phenomenal photography project “Desert in New York”.

Paris, Île-de-France – February 20, 2017 – Widely acclaimed as “the city that never sleeps” and with a bustling population of 8,550,400+, it’s a tricky job to scout empty streets in New York. But photographer Genaro Bardy has successfully taken up the challenge and is recently creating huge waves in the shutter scene with his “Desert in New York” project.

A unique artistic project, the phenomenal photography collection has duly REDEFINED America’s most densely populated major city with rare shots of deserted New York streets on Thanksgiving Day.

Teeming with as many as 40 spectacular shots, “Desert in New York” is the 3rd unit of the most popular photography project on Kickstarter last year “Desert in the City” – an exclusive long-exposure night shutter art about empty iconic cities, deserted from cars or people on a single night. It commenced with Paris and London in 2014 & 2015 Christmas respectively, duly followed by New York in 2016 Thanksgiving weekend, between 23rd and 24th of November.

“After a stellar run on Kickstarter platform in 2016 where my unique ‘Desert in the City’ amazed all as the ‘Most Popular’ (photo category), I was geared to shoot the most challenging city for my upcoming collection – NYC, the very city which never sleeps! I was looking for a time where people would be most likely to be off the streets & stay back at home with families and I found my perfect timing with the Thanksgiving Day last year.

It was really magical. I had anticipated this breakthrough project for around two l-o-n-g years and so it was actually thrilling to see the shots coming to life. I am hopeful and confident that Desert in New York would be much highly appreciated as it was with Paris and London. It is aimed to bring forth a completely unexpected and unusual take on the ever-bustling city,” stated Genaro Bardy, who happily walked 12 miles from 11 p.m. to 6: a.m. for his long exposure shots covering some of the most iconic spots in New York.

Based in Paris, Genaro is a much recognized freelance photographer with a keen knack on travel and street photography. He has worked for some of the most prestigious names, including auto giant Toyota, Volkswagen, Luxury Society etc. and his great works have been covered by esteemed media outlets like Le Parisien, Lonely planet, Daily Mail etc.

The New York collection was released a few days ago and it has already garnered a whopping 12K views on Facebook and 1K views on YouTube. The collection covers the most famous parts of the city, including Mid-Town triangle with Central Park, Times Square and the Flatiron as well as the Financial District, closer to Brooklyn Bridge. Most of the shots were taken from middle of the road where there was high risk of getting the shots ruined by car lights.

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“Nobody has been erased artificially from the pictures and each single shot has been thoroughly scouted. It took me 1 whole week of preparation to produce all the 40 images in just 1 single night. Grand Central and Apple Store were the most challenging location but by 4:00 a.m., streets got magically deserted.”

Genaro Bardy has also shot “Desert in Rome” and together with the 4 collections has published (self-published) a hardcover book with pictures from all 4 cities and an exhibition. The book project has already been launch on Kickstarter crowdfunding page.

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