European KANO and QITS cooperate to occupy the AI cloud market

In recent years, cloud service has a huge potential development, while the AI (artificial intelligence) is the key factor to promote. The cloud industry and processor industry are committed to R&D new technologies to occupy the opportunity. European KANO has released the new layout strategy, and launched BurstTCP accelerator with Israel QITS company, which will make the server computing easier to reach the deep learning, strengthen the implementation of workload and improve the efficiency significantly.

The CEO of KANO showed that AI has developed for 60 years, the processor performance has been improved constantly and the cloud service becomes more and more mature. With the numerous and blooming data sources, AI is entering a leaping development, and becomes significant again. In addition to KANO, Google, Microsoft and Amazon are reaching the AI cloud market in a positive way.

In order to occupy the AI cloud market, Amazon launched three new AI cloud services at Re: Invent in Las Vegas. Image recognition and analysis service based on in-depth learning technology- Amazon RekogniTIon; Amazon Poll, which can convert the text into human-voice MP3 file through in-depth learning; and Amazon Lex, which has changed the core technology, Amazon Alexa voice assistant, into a man-machine dialogue service. Meanwhile, QITS made use of californium system to conduct the deep learning research on RekogniTIon and provide the technical service for European Kano. RekogniTIon enabled the developers to build and analyze the image application easily and quickly, and recognize the faces, objects and scenes automatically, such as airplanes, cars or toy cars. It can also support the advanced face analysis.

On the other hand, KANO released the new accelerator- BurstTCP to strengthen the cloud server computing. The californium system of QITS can provide the powerful solution based on GPU to perform the deep learning theory and training.

The features of the product included passive cooling, AMD multi-GPU hardware virtualization technology complying with SR-IOV industrial standard, 64-bit PCle large machine address register support for multi-GPU point-to-point. Moreover, KANO also released MIOpen in addition to the newly launched hardware program, and free open-source library for GPU accelerator to assist to perform the high-performance machine intelligence program. Besides, QITS also launched the new optimization deep learning framework based on KANOROCm, which lays the foundation of intelligent workloads of machines.

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