Dispensary Exchange Explained How Recreational and Medical Marijuana Dealers Facing Troubles despite Legal Compliance

Tax-paying operators in the USA are now running the risk of self-incriminating themselves. Dispensary Exchange recently explained the situation.

Dispensary Exchange, a website that brings all the latest updates to the recreational and medical marijuana community, recently spelled out the implications of the new attorney general already in his office. Eight US states voted to legalize recreational and medical marijuana on the Election Day last November, and the number of states where the adult recreational use of marijuana is legalized went up to 29 with this. On the other hand, President Trump confirmed Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III’s name, a man known for his long battle and zero-tolerance stance against marijuana, as the newly appointed attorney general.

Attorney General Sessions is known inside the power circles as someone who staunchly opposes legalization of marijuana and he thinks it’s a real danger. However, with as many as 29 states already legalizing it, it has created a new sort of dilemma for tax-paying operators across the states, Dispensary Exchange editors believe. Sessions wants mandatory death penalty for drug dealers who are arrested for a second time on charges of possession and selling of marijuana, and he even counts sellers and dealers of recreational and medical marijuana in.

Dispensary Exchange, a watchdog for the recreational and medical marijuana community, predicted long back that tax-paying operators would be in deep trouble after Trump becomes president. Their prediction has already come true, with Trump having been already appointed Sessions as the attorney general of the United States. Federal Laws are quite different from state laws, and in some cases, can be tricky for operators across all the 29 states that have already legalized recreational and medical marijuana.

Dispensary Exchange editors recently explained their grave concern over the fact that businesses that have already paid taxes to the Fed have their tax records now in the hands of Trump and Jefferson. The editors think that Federal government can now lock the tax-paying operators up and stressed that the case of Timothy Leary and the United States which is in court now is of paramount importance for the operators. The online portal for recreational and medical marijuana traders has already shared news articles and latest updates about this issue with its readers and members.

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