Wayne Olivieri Highlights The Rigors Of Everyday People On New Album ‘Eclectic Mind’

Complex and brilliantly engineered, the latest album from rock veteran Wayne Olivieri titled “Eclectic Mind” has a unique musical profile. Its structure is reflective of its complex content, songs that delve deep into the psyche of human emotion, touching on everything from God, hard times, happiness, and other topics. Designed to evoke emotion, be it positive or negative, “Eclectic Mind” is an exercise in understanding what it is to truly feel.

New Jersey, USA – February 21, 2017 – Born and raised in New Jersey, Wayne Olivieri has always had an affinity for music. Like many great vocalists, he sang in his church choir, who performed every Sunday. Olivieri started his first band in the 8th grade. As a young talented vocalist and songwriter, by age 17, he played in an all original band which he started with high School pal Gar Francis Rockids (which he was the frontman). They performed alongside unsigned young acts such as Talking Heads, The Ramones, and Blondie to name a few. The Rockids became a regular name on the marques of some of the hottest New York clubs ranging from CBGB’s, Max’s Kansas City, The Village Gate and many more. The Rockids went on to become one of the top drawing bands in the N.Y/N.J/CT club/concert scene often opening for national acts such as Aerosmith, Roger Mcquin, Twisted Sister and other great bands.

After a 5 year run with Rockids, Wayne moved to Asbury Park, NJ where he formed Oliver’s Twist with Rockid band mate Brian Hadley right as the scene was breaking with the sounds of Springsteen, South Side Johnny, and others. Oliver’s Twist became a force in the NJ Asbury Park scene playing regular shows at the Famous Stone Pony and The Fast Lane where they opened for many national acts such as Billy Idol. Huey Lewis , David Johnson, John Caferty, Cindy Lauper, J. Giels Band among other top groups. Oliver’s Twist had a fair amount of regional success as well as a number 4 radio charting hit in Belgium.

They made radio appearances, including a trip to London with The Howard Stern Show where Olivieri got to sit in with Howard for a week. It was also in Asbury Park where Wayne met and became fast friends with a young, unsigned singer John Bongiovi. John was a fan of The Rockids and Oliver’s Twist and the two remained tight friends. Olivieri played a friendly role as John’s confidant and adviser as well. Olivieri appeared on stage with John, known by fans as Jon, many times. He also appeared on stage with other rock and roll legends during that time, including Bruce Springsteen. After Oliver’s Twist had it’s run, Olivieri attempted to reunite with Rockids co-founder Gar Francis and formed Oliver Wild and quickly got signed to Management by Premier Artist Services (Frank Sinatra and Liza Mimnelli, Joe Bonnamassa). However, over time when nothing significant materialized from that venture, Olivieri took a hiatus to get married, and raise his daughter. With his daughter currently in college, and his marriage ending in divorce, he has returned to writing and performing. With his new album, Olivieri has brought the energy, creativity, and most importantly, the material needed to craft his inspirational and heartwarming “Eclectic Mind”. This could be described as an album that feels like a songwriter had their entire life to craft it.

This is by far Olivieri’s strongest presentation to date, and brilliantly marks his evolution as a songwriter and individual. Each song is crafted with care, and every line written with the intent of relating to the listener on a personal level. The music’s rich sound is reminiscent of classic blues and rock, and its complex sound highlights the rigors that every human deals with at some point during their existence.

A fully-fleshed 13-track LP, “Eclectic Mind” with track names ranging from “I’m Broke Again” to “I’m in Love Again”, and even one titled “Mom”, gives the listener an idea of what it means to relate to the songwriter. Olivieri seems to bring a rich inner life and the ability to craft positive vibes, even during the dark times which is rare in today’s music industry. Reminiscent of all of the greats from the 70’s and 80’s and chock full of inspiration, “Eclectic Mind” is the must have for anybody that has ever felt deeply, and appreciates the organic nature of pure rock music.

For more information about Wayne Olivieri check out his web site http://www.wayneosongs.com or Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/WayneO-Weegee-972747572756943

To preview his recent album available at CD Baby, iTunes and other online stores visit https://wayneolivieri.hearnow.com

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