Forsentek Co., Limited is expert in the production of force transducer products in unique ranges

Forsentek Co., Limited is specialized in manufacturing different types of load cells,force sensors and torque sensors using strain gauge technology. Custom design service upon specific requirements is available to better fit clients’ applications.

To obtain the accurate magnitude of force and torque in industrial applications, the importance of force transducer is very immense. These devices can help to properly assess the mechanical energy through out all the processes.  Forsentek Co., Limited is one of the qualified manufacturers who is specialized in manufacturing top-class force measurement sensors using strain gauge technology to meet diverse measuring needs in different areas. With continuous improvement and constant focus on force measuring technology since 2008, our customer base covers more than 50 countries.

Forsentek has won its reputation as a trust-worthy partner in the sensor industry, who is capable of supplying different types of load cells from grams to tons,from miniature size to heavy duty.Custom load cell accounts for more than 30% of our product portfolio,and the proportion keeps rising. Long term cooperation relationship with our clients is what we value the most. With experienced and know-how engineers, we are keen to participate clients’ project and contribute our expertise from prototyping to bulk production.

smallest load cell

With innovative genes in our culture, Forsentek is always eager to challenge the impossible.To meet the demands of smaller and thinner force measuring device, miniature force sensor with 8mm OD and 4mm height ranging from 50N to 500N is now available in our stock for fast delivery. If you cannot find a suitable product from the standard product line to fit your application, our experienced engineers are willing to look closely into the applications and processes and develop a new model together with you.We are also able to provide tailor-made solutions to meet our clients requirements in both measuring parameters and budget

The company has brought out impressive ranges of torque sensors that can help to record the rotating speed and torque of different motors at the same time. Our torque sensor production lines cover bother static torque sensors and rotary torque transducers which contains both slip-ring torque transducer and non-contact rotary torque sensor. Here at Forsentek, you will find what you are looking for based on our uniquely extensive product list. Thanks to our development expertise, we will always find the ideal torque measurement solution for your applications.

About Forsentek Co., Limited

Forsentek Co., Limited is a Chinese company that produces and exports load cells,force sensors and torque transducers with high quality standard. Wherever force measurement is involved, Forsentek’s measurement products are what you can count on. For more information, customers can visit the company’s website.

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